USA Today Crossword Answers September 28, 2022

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Author: by Zhouqin Burnikel


“That’s enough!” STOP
Roman aqueduct structure ARCH
Cheeky talk SASS
Lotto variety KENO
Flower with edible bulbs LILY
Smoke column PLUME
Disparity in wealth distribution INCOMEGAP
Motocross competitor RACER
Place to get coleslaw DELI
Scavenger like Shenzi HYENA
Yes, in Cantonese HAI
Turn rancid ROT
Opposite of partial ENTIRE
“Put the pedal to the metal!” GIVEITSOMEGAS
Tibetans and Tamils ASIANS
Get ___ of (throw out) RID
Peal of thunder CLAP
Target golf scores PARS
Prohibit by law BAN
Grinds away TOILS
Psyched to get started EAGER
Cream of the crop ELITE
Org. that certifies flight instructors FAA
Poli-___ majors SCI
Fills with wonder AWES
Most scarce RAREST
Forbidden behaviors NONOS
Broccoli ___ (leafy veggie) RABE
Tribute HOMAGE
Surface for Mountain pose YOGAMAT
Clear a blackboard ERASE
The Mets play them at Citi Field HOMEGAMES
Measures of ranch size ACRES
Had to pay back OWED
The “k” of kHz KILO
A lunar month has 29 or 30 DAYS
Sneaky plan PLOY
Unagi Day fishes EELS


Compete in a giant slalom SKI
Look after TEND
___ in a blue moon ONCE
Place for water workouts POOL
Bitter tavern drink ALE
Word after “civil” or “voting” RIGHTS
Taboon oven material CLAY
Promote excessively HYPE
Took a leap SPRANG
___ mode (with ice cream) ALA
“Oh, well!” SUCHISLIFE
Eyeliner mishap SMEAR
Great Lake whose average depth is 62 feet ERIE
Rice wine used in tare sauce MIRIN
“___ I say more?” NEED
Tiebreaking periods (Abbr.) OTS
Food with a “dorado” variety TACO
Stares in shock GAPES
Director Lee ___ Chung ISAAC
Mother of Jesus VIRGINMARY
Lack of difficulty EASE
Tests that allow talking ORALS
Pocket-sized MINI
“Regrettably . . .” ALAS
Exam with a max score of 1520 PSAT
Buzzing insects BEES
Pu’er pouch TEABAG
Groups of mountains RANGES
Genre of “Hamlet” and “Oedipus Rex” TRAGEDY
Great sorrow WOE
2019’s “Aladdin,” for example REMAKE
Camel train stops OASES
Lover of Juliet ROMEO
Place for a tiara HEAD
Whale fond of beach rubbing ORCA
Long, distressful cry YOWL
French for “friend” AMIE
Spill the beans TELL
Kangaroo’s jump HOP
Boater’s urgent signal SOS
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