USA Today Crossword Answers September 30, 2022

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Author: by Erik Agard %26 Neville Fogarty


Phrases on national emblems MOTTOS
Head of a company CEO
Move in a curved path ARC
Reverse UNDO
Hang around in a public place LOITER
Carte blanche FREEREIN
A popular drink LEMONADE
Flood protection LEVEE
Ready to be picked RIPE
Brother of Thor LOKI
Part of a ream SHEET
Rower’s need BOAT
Small glass bottle VIAL
Not a want but a ___ NEED
Simple houses HUTS
Trunk of the body TORSO
Rower’s need OAR
In good order RIGHTASRAIN
Soaked in salty water BRINED
Red Muppet ELMO
“You’re it!” game TAG
Commit theft STEAL
Say grace, for example PRAY
They may be felt-tip or four-color PENS
Clutter MESS
Thing to do ACTIVITY
Opposite of fluffy, for a cake DENSE
TCUs: ___ colleges and universities TRIBAL
Actress in the 2022 rom-com “Anything’s Possible” EVAREIGN
Type of wool MERINO
Asset for an archer AIM
“I’m on the ___ of my seat!” EDGE
Attire that’s often gray SWEATS
Contains HAS
Take it easy REST


The Marketplace at Steamtown, for example MALL
Instrument in a wind ensemble OBOE
Barbershop request TRIM
Taught one-on-one TUTORED
“Here’s your gift! . . . Well?!” OPENIT
Part of a messenger bag STRAP
Latte location CAFE
Make a mistake ERR
Spotted wildcat OCELOT
Reality show won by Maryanne Oketch in 2022 SURVIVOR
Body part that can’t touch the sheet in Twister KNEE
Name that’s an ingredient in “ingredient” EDIE
Took first place WON
“You gave me a fright!” EEK
Fix errors, like a programmer DEBUG
What a white flag signifies in NASCAR LASTLAP
Elitists SNOBS
Artichoke part HEART
Unsettling EERIE
Catchall category OTHER
Seeing red IRATE
Like about 30% of the Earth’s land area ASIAN
Yearns LONGS
Stayed out of sight HID
General on restaurant menus TSO
Worth mentioning RELEVANT
“Arrival” star who played Katy on “The Office” AMYADAMS
Etosha National Park’s country NAMIBIA
S.F. time zone PST
Shahi ___ (Mughlai cheese dish) PANEER
Farm towers SILOS
The p in mph PER
Machines outside banks ATMS
Group on a movie set CREW
Car part with treads TIRE
“Uh-huh” YEAH
Coleslaw, for example SIDE
Omelet ingredients EGGS
By way of VIA
Tennis court centerpiece NET
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