Use A Razor Crossword Clue Answer

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Definition 1:
To cut the hair, wool, etc., off (someone or something) very close to the skin + obj no obj .

He shaves himself [=cuts off the hair that grows on his face] every morning before breakfast.
He shaved his head.
She cut herself while shaving her legs.
The sheep were all shaved.
shaved/shaven heads/legs
He shaves every morning before breakfast.
I cut myself shaving this morning.
Definition 2:
To cut off (hair, wool, a beard, etc.) very close to the skin often + off .

He shaved his beard.
She shaves her dog’s fur in the summer.
He shaved off his beard.
Definition 3:
To remove a thin layer of (something) from something usually + off .

He shaved some butter from the container.
Shave the bark off the tree.
Definition 4:
To reduce something by taking away (a small amount) usually + off .

Can you shave a little off the price? [=can you reduce the price by a small amount?]
She was able to shave a few seconds off the record. [=to beat the record by a few seconds]

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