Value Crossword Clue Answer

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Question: Value

Solution: WORTH

WORTH Definition 1:
used to indicate the value of something .
A ruby worth five million dollars
This painting is worth a fortune.
You should be paid what your labor is worth.
Each correct answer is worth five points.
WORTH Definition 2:
Having money and possessions equal in value to (an amount) .
An actor worth several million dollars
The corporation is worth billions of dollars.
WORTH Definition 3:
Good, valuable, or important enough for (something) :deserving of (something) .
A carefully written cover letter and resume is worth the effort.
It takes a long time to get a table at the restaurant, but the food is well worth the wait.
The movie was good, but I didn’t think it was worth all the fuss/hype.
It’s worth a try. = It’s worth trying.
Chicago is worth a visit. I think you’ll really like it.
Do you think the car is worth buying?
It is worth noting/mentioning that his father and mother are also doctors.
This book is not worth reading.
An idea well worth consideration
Going to college was worth every penny.
This contract isn’t worth the paper it’s written/printed on. [=this contract has no real value; this contract is not legally valid]
I promise that speaking with her will be worth your while. [=speaking with her will be a good/useful thing for you to do]
I had to sacrifice all of my free time to make this film, but in the end, it was all worth it.
The repairs cost a lot of money, but they were worth it.
It’s not worth fixing the car. = It’s not worth it to fix the car. = The car is not worth fixing.

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