Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers August 21, 2020

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Author: Mike Shenk


Showing shock, to Coleridge AGASP
Him, in Le Havre LUI
Isle Royale Natl. Pk. site MICH
Trained group CADRE
Quarters for concubines HAREM
Vein makeup ORE
Cell body? INMATE
“The Business of Being a Woman” writer Tarbell IDA
Fresh quality NEWNESS
Big name in cooking oil WESSON
Bullring shout OLE
Prudent way to think TWICE
Rubbish DRECK
Ship whose formal name was Santa Clara NINA
Company selling WordPerfect and WinZip COREL
Popular pundit GURU
Place for posts FORUM
Rorschach creations BLOTS
Divest RID
Period of equilibrium STASIS
Mouse followers CURSORS
Sinuous swimmer EEL
Bart is bullied by him NELSON
Canapé topping ROE
Cardinal feature CREST
Straight dope TRUTH
Fill completely SATE
Topic for an analyst EGO
Simple question type YESNO


OH–, for one ANION
Satire or sci-fi GENRE
He resigned in October 1973 AGNEW
___-pitch (softball variety) SLO
Snap PIC
Music’s Russell and Redbone LEONS
One, on ones UNUM
“___ trap!” ITSA
Nanny’s sound MAA
Elba of “Luther” IDRIS
Statement of ideology CREDO
Muscle Beach sort HEMAN
Pretense GUISE
Chong’s buddy CHEECH
Ribbed fabric TWILL
Extreme Atkins diet prohibition NOCARBS
Yellowstone grazer ELK
Neptune et al. SEAGODS
Doughnut, essentially TORUS
Sad situations WOES
Double helix stuff DNA
Ambient music great ENO
Clog filler FOOT
1921 play that gave us the word “robot” RUR
“How Deep Is Your Love” group ___ Hill DRU
“That’s tasty!” YUM
Settled on CHOSE
Base for a statue PLINTH
Fragrant tree FIR
Charge RUNAT
Splinter groups SECTS
Land, to Livy TERRA
Fox Islands native ALEUT
Dunkable snacks OREOS
Saoirse of “Lady Bird” RONAN
Brief brawl SETTO
Cause of some head scratching LICE
Pleased with oneself SMUG
Sault ___ Marie STE
Prayer possessive THY
Hot blood IRE
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