Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers August 29, 2020

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Author: Gary Larson


Well-connected device PUMP
Many a Moroccan ARAB
Angry outburst HISSY
Openings GAPS
Show signs of awakening STIR
Account TALE
Quitter’s cry UNCLE
Diaper cream ingredient ALOE
Zone three hours behind Pacific SAMOATIME
Slogan for a law firm? WETRYHARDER
Slogan for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America? THISBUDSFORYOU
Wool source LLAMA
Addition column TENS
Rap’s ___ Def MOS
Deadly snake MAMBA
Crude or rude COARSE
Diagnostic procedure SCAN
Self-serve laundries COINOPS
Two-tone mammal ORCA
Slogan for the Anti-Defamation League? STRONGERTHANDIRT
“SNL” network NBCTV
Stable staple HAY
Rita of “The Ritz” MORENO
Brock in Cooperstown LOU
Boon for air travelers FAREWAR
She sang at the march where Martin Luther King Jr. made his “I Have a Dream” speech ODETTA
Song of praise HYMN
Post-ER place ICU
ChapStick rival BLISTEX
Terminate CEASE
First name in cosmetics ESTEE
Winner of both comedy and drama Emmys for the same role EDASNER
Like ALA
Cargo compartment HOLD
Pan coating TEFLON
Trader Joe’s alternative SAFEWAY
Programming pioneer Lovelace ADA
Bernie Brewer, e.g. MASCOT
“Green Book” Oscar winner Mahershala ALI
Start of many Latin American place names SANTO
Slogan for a gossip tabloid? HOMEOFTHEWHOPPER
Witnessed SEEN
Shrinking Asian lake ARALSEA
Straw in the wind OMEN
Late bloomers ASTERS
“SNL” alum Cheri OTERI
They have Xings RRS
Suit to ___ ATEE
Slogan for a psychiatrist? THINKDIFFERENT
Slogan for the NSA? INTELINSIDE
Cockpit gauge ALTIMETER
Harry Potter feature SCAR
Phone flash component DIODE
Appearance MIEN
Yielded GAVE
Kennedy and Cruz, among senators TEDS
One of the Yokums ABNER
Hiring enticement PERK
Tickled-pink feeling GLEE


“Hey, pal, over here!” PSST
Wasatch Range setting UTAH
Mariah Carey nickname MIMI
Brings into accord ATTUNES
Worries for speakeasy owners RAIDS
Some charity ALMS
Complaint BEEF
Nam choppers HUEYS
Liking INTO
Rugby formation SCRUM
Wily SLY
“Uh-huh” YEH
Alan with six Emmys ALDA
Work with feet POEM
Blood fluids SERA
Five-spots ABES
In error WRONG
Far from a colorful character ALBINO
Large sultanate OMAN
Stomach woe ACHE
Reaction to bad news MOAN
Meat cooked in its own fat CONFIT
Jerry of “Law & Order” ORBACH
Build up ACCRUE
Mex. Mrs. SRA
Trickster of Native American folklore COYOTE
Unctuous OILY
Get-together for seniors PROM
Floor STUN
Again and again? THRICE
Hosp. employee EMT
Balderdash ROT
Keeps an eye on TRACKS
Hippie transport VWBUS
Touched down ALIT
“___ Kommissar” (1983 hit) DER
Kick out EXPEL
With it HEP
Hilarious person SKETCH
___-weensie EENSIE
Specialty AREA
Gets on board? SURFS
Proof letters QED
Bachelor’s last words IDO
Soiree nosh CANAPE
“Parks and Recreation” town PAWNEE
Click beetle ELATER
Some synthetics RAYONS
Result of a crack? HAHA
Whiff ODOR
Prayer wheel turner LAMA
Fair-hiring letters EOE
Approving online initialism FTW
Target of a spring search EASTEREGG
Zero in movies MOSTEL
For ___ (not pro bono) AFEE
Wish receiver STAR
Hosp. employee LPN
Lovers with ladders, maybe ELOPERS
Singer Lena HORNE
Siberian city OMSK
Contemptible sort RATFINK
“Okay, now the gloves are off!” ITSON
Contract add-on RIDER
Following AFTER
Essence GIST
At some earlier date ONCE
Somewhat ATAD
Tanning target HIDE
Wettish DAMP
Tennis great Nastase ILIE
Bibliographer’s space saver ETAL
Campbell of “Party of Five” NEVE
Peach or beech TREE
“Sweet as apple cider” girl IDA
Point NIB
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