Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers August 31, 2020

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Author: Anthony Romeo


Bread with a pocket PITA
Put into office ELECT
Sentry’s station POST
October birthstone OPAL
Like some emotional goodbyes TEARY
“Do ___ others…” UNTO
Baker’s bowlful CAKEBATTER
Spring LEAP
Lyric poem ODE
Shade tree ELM
Feudal tenants VASSALS
View SEE
Yale student ELI
Umpire’s ruling CALL
Waitstaff’s refilling aid WATERPITCHER
Composer Stravinsky IGOR
Like llamas and chinchillas ANDEAN
Not squaresville HEP
Interior designs DECORS
Native of Kathmandu NEPALI
Mouse-sighting cry EEK
Neighbor of the nave APSE
Willow hoop with beads and feathers DREAMCATCHER
In the altogether BARE
Diner dessert PIE
Alias: Abbr. AKA
Japanese warrior SAMURAI
Hall of Famer Ripken CAL
Hit with a ray gun ZAP
Viewed EYED
Long-distance bus MOTORCOACH
Early Atari game PONG
Place for French lessons ECOLE
Wilma Flintstone’s hubby FRED
Audacity, slangily TUDE
Rids of roughness, in a wood shop SANDS
Tacks on ADDS


A little, in music POCO
Apple tablet IPAD
Step back and assess TAKESTOCK
Brewer’s product ALE
Bibliography abbr. ETAL
Shout accompanying knocking LETMEIN
Have lunch EAT
Narrow fissure CREVICE
Model Banks TYRA
Astronomical radio source PULSAR
Tatum of “The Bad News Bears” ONEAL
Flea market unit STALL
First-rate TOPS
Ballpark quaff BEER
Play division SCENE
Architect Saarinen EERO
Old Ford model LTD
Not over the plate WIDE
Pulitzer-winning author James AGEE
Attach, as to a scrapbook PASTE
Amazon Prime series based on a Saoirse Ronan movie HANNA
Marked by lack of order HAPHAZARD
“If all ___ fails…” ELSE
Marina sight PIER
More unusual RARER
Group of wolves PACK
Starchy pudding TAPIOCA
French friend AMI
Well chilled ICECOLD
Menial worker DRUDGE
Powdery mineral TALC
Marshy inlet BAYOU
Make changes to AMEND
Fall mo. SEPT
Iowa State city AMES
God of war ARES
Got a perfect score on ACED
Advanced degrees PHDS
Great weight TON
Son-gun link OFA
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