Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers July 31, 2020

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Author: Matt Gaffney


Toy that uses rotational energy YOYO
Shorthand pros STENOS
2020 honoree on the Chinese calendar RAT
Israel’s Abba EBAN
Chevron subsidiary TEXACO
Bird in a herd EMU
Annual festival when everybody eats a trendy fish dish? POKEHOLIDAY
Horrific BAD
Get-up-and-go PEP
Sticky stuff TAR
Super Mario PUZO
Pack animal that tells brazen lies? LLAMAGASLIGHTER
Digital camera batteries, often AAS
___ chi TAI
Vote to reject NAY
Twosome DYAD
Elevator built in the 1930s? PREWARLIFT
Best Director nominee for “12 Angry Men” and “Network” LUMET
Fallopian tube travelers OVA
Less civilized RUDER
Really cool bit of computer animation? EPICEFFECT
Performer with no lines MIME
Completely ALL
Puts on a canvas, briefly KOS
Centering chants OMS
Co-workers who always cut you down? SNIDEASSOCIATES
Piece of glass PANE
Twitch TIC
Punt’s course ARC
High return LOB
What happened that time when a Jedi made noise with his teeth? YODAGRITTED
“Here’s how I see it,” to texters IMO
More of a bore DULLER
Frogner Park city OSLO
Concertgoers’ needs, casually TIX
Ruthless STEELY
Identify NAME


“Uh-huh” YEP
Palindrome after an asking price OBO
Himalayan beast YAK
Time to get back to work, for many ONEPM
Makeshift STOPGAP
___ Aviv TEL
Walks out EXITS
Spanish server NADAL
Instrument with finger holes OCARINA
Its top producers are Brazil and the U.S. SOY
Gainsay REBUT
Leave dazzled AMAZE
House for Bloody Mary TUDOR
Miami squad HEAT
Yours is Chordata PHYLUM
Tool for gruel LADLE
Simple basket LAYUP
“It’s the same with me!” ASAMI
Have an ___ inevitability AIROF
Teri of “Tootsie” GARR
The aughts, e.g. DECADE
Busy travel time, typically EVE
Kramer on “Seinfeld,” e.g. WACKO
Nitwit IDIOT
Coco Chanel, par exemple FEMME
Top lock TRESS
Prompter opening TELE
Unequivocally FLATOUT
In Spanish, it’s “llevar” TOCARRY
Unseen answerer SIRI
Challenge in an alley SPLIT
Watts shining on screens NAOMI
Filtered folder INBOX
Creep, in a way SIDLE
It lies on the bathroom floor, some claim SCALE
Give in to, as an urge ACTON
Jags and Pats gain them YDS
Shaving stuff GEL
Group seen at JFK TSA
Spreading tree ELM
She rabbit DOE
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