Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers June 27, 2020

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Author: David Alfred Bywaters


Prepare for surgery SCRUB
Producer’s dream SMASH
Composer whose “Enigma” remains unsolved ELGAR
Scholarly proposition THESIS
Sitarist who gave lessons to Harrison SHANKAR
Lay bare EXPOSE
Devastate RAVAGE
Trailer tosser TORNADO
Cab Calloway’s moocher MINNIE
Poorly designed apps? USERTERRORS
Region called Xizang in Chinese TIBET
SFO guess ETD
Adriatique ou Baltique MER
“Whatever suits you” IMEASY
Hired dog sleds? POLARTAXIS
How sardines are packed DENSELY
Follower of Fannie or Ginnie MAE
Marsh hunters EGRETS
“Choice” choosing org. USDA
Track feat RECORD
Corn unit EAR
Huascarán is its highest peak PERU
“We don’t know yet,” briefly TBA
Annulled UNDID
Farrow and Hamm MIAS
Clerical residence MANSE
Young’s partner ERNST
Estonia, once: Abbr. SSR
Ruins the surprise, perhaps PEEKS
Put assets to work INVEST
Large chamber group OCTET
Tarot suit CUPS
Divide manually RIP
Accelerated SPED
Where the slop is poured? INTHETROUGH
Andean stimulant COCA
It’s under germanium on the periodic table TIN
Lackluster BLAH
Critically injures MAIMS
Weather map line ISOBAR
Pamper SPOIL
Tool for a lepidopterist NET
Even larger chamber group NONET
Witticisms QUIPS
Most popular U.S. baby girl’s name since 2014 EMMA
Letter-shaped seal ORING
Leb. neighbor ISR
Grocery scanner targets UPCS
Discreet email option BCC
Justice who accused his colleagues of “jiggery-pokery” SCALIA
Not quite circular OVAL
Cylindrical military hats SHAKOS
Half an acad. year SEM
Rose family shrubs SPIREAS
Impressive jerk? GOODTWITCH
Approbation PRAISE
1980s game console, for short NES
Planters bit NUT
Lucifer Yokum is his pa ABNER
Nuisance du site web? FRENCHTROLL
Six-time Preakness winner ARCARO
Fact facer REALIST
“Beats me!” NOIDEA
Barely sufficient SCANTY
Ink cartridge color MAGENTA
Upright UNBENT
Grazing groups HERDS
Charcuterie selections MEATS
Prose piece ESSAY


Sweep a thumb across STRUM
Ran after CHASED
Put on a pedestal REVERE
Org. for soldiers with day jobs USAR
Conveniences for the very upset? BIGTISSUES
Dismisses hastily SHOOS
Kneeler’s request MARRYME
Richards and Romney ANNS
Reggae kin SKA
Couldn’t not HADTO
Stage direction in a Beckett play? EXITTRAMPS
M.D.’s colleague LPN
In current circumstances ASITIS
Marsh plants REEDS
Conveyed the impression of being SEEMED
Be unfaithful STRAY
Annoy ROIL
Come out EMERGE
Sweetie BAE
Lowly worker PEON
Raptor residence AERIE
Didn’t guzzle NURSED
Serious snarl-up? ACUTETANGLE
Dressing choice RANCH
Hwys. RDS
Frisbee forerunners DISCUSES
Pastoral instrument PANPIPE
Fill with hate ENVENOM
Abbey community BROTHERS
Sedate, say DRUG
Like some workouts AEROBIC
Winter toppers SKICAPS
Eerie landscape features MISTS
Plant part STEM
Fights playfully SPARS
Up to, briefly TIL
Small chamber group TRIO
Golden ratio symbol PHI
Billionth: Prefix NANO
___ vincit amor OMNIA
Overcooked fruit pastries? BLACKTARTS
Sax sound from the unhep? SQUARETONE
Street boast IMBAD
Idiosyncrasy TIC
Latitude line TROPIC
First auto to offer factory-installed seat belts NASH
Drive participant COWBOY
Publisher’s subsidiary IMPRINT
Hindu preserver of the world VISHNU
Bibliography entry SOURCE
Chop shop buy HOTCAR
Pride, e.g. SIN
Holiday visitor SANTA
Battery terminals ANODES
“Lose You to Love Me” singer Gomez SELENA
Grind together GNASH
Glossary item TERM
Coffee shop offering CREAM
Takes a break RESTS
Grayish SLATY
Husky hopper FLEA
Chest protectors RIBS
“Your point being?” AND
Get older AGE
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