Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers September 01, 2020

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Author: Debbie Ellerin


Have a bawl SOB
Calc prerequisite TRIG
Finishes a hole PUTTS
Computer language named for a programmer ADA
Priestess beloved by Leander HERO
The Onion specialty SATIRE
Peripherals for burning playlists CDDRIVES
Like many star names ARABIC
Flies like an eagle SOARS
Goddess for early birds EOS
Seventh letter of the Greek alphabet ETA
Poetic feet IAMBS
Broker to whom “people listen,” according to old ads EFHUTTON
Cradle locale, in a lullaby TREETOP
Courageous VALIANT
X, at times TEN
Meter maid in a Fab Four song RITA
Oscar winner Hathaway ANNE
Potter’s creator JKROWLING
Ballet bend PLIE
“Verb” is one, strangely NOUN
Serengeti creature GNU
Blue-eyed cat SIAMESE
Voyage of self-discovery? EGOTRIP
Photographer’s accessory UVFILTER
Reserves BOOKS
Faux-innocent reply MOI
Pitching stat ERA
Request one’s presence at ASKTO
Make harmonious ATTUNE
Bug on a road VWBEETLE
Burger addition CATSUP
Slim swimmers EELS
Granola bit OAT
Messy forecast SLEET
Low marks DEES
[Not my mistake] SIC


Pouchlike part SAC
“It’s a safe bet…” ODDSARE
Broken mirror or black cat, say BADOMEN
Grounds for guzzling THIRST
Cause of some eruptions IRE
“Check it out!” GOSEE
Hole number PAR
Tony winner Hagen UTA
Like Lhasa apsos TIBETAN
Musical term sometimes called the devil’s interval TRITONE
Cosine’s reciprocal SECANT
Figure skater Cohen SASHA
Broccoli ___ RABE
Beneficial OFVALUE
Gomez’s cousin ITT
___ Bator ULAN
Triangle sound TING
Hockey great Bobby ORR
Trailblazer PIONEER
First prime TWO
First name of the last performer at Woodstock JIMI
Boat backbone KEEL
Gerund end ING
Decisive PIVOTAL
New Orleans pirate Jean LAFITTE
Composer Rimsky-Korsakov NIKOLAI
Boom times UPS
Cashew family shrubs SUMACS
Like a bluff STEEP
Become fixated OBSESS
Take a hit TOKE
Became incoherent RAVED
Skilled ABLE
Put to work USE
Wrench target NUT
Itsy-bitsy WEE
List-finishing abbr. ETC
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