Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers September 02, 2020

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Author: Frank Virzi


Nickname for baseball Hall of Famer Durocher THELIP
Q’s neighbor TAB
Subjects to good-natured teasing RIBS
They’re often eagles HOLESINONE
Eliza’s teacher, to Eliza ENRY
The French Riviera, e.g. RESORTAREA
Its website has a “Rodent Control 101” section DCON
Finds a place for USES
Talking over? NARRATING
Mastercard option CASHADVANCE
Cucumber comparison ASCOOL
Rosemary rackmate SAGE
Maker of Wolverine sedans REO
Van Morrison’s birthplace NORTHERNIRELAND
“Hamilton” Tony nominee Phillipa SOO
Lang of Smallville LANA
Meet-and-greets MIXERS
Issuance from a returns department CREDITSLIPS
Without hesitation LIKEASHOT
“With or Without You” singer BONO
Yard sale caveat ASIS
“The Best” singer, and what this puzzle is, in the circles TINATURNER
Check for a flat RENT
Not qualified UNELIGIBLE
Envoyé de Dieu ANGE
Article written by Freud DER
Classic comic strip “___ Do It Every Time” THEYLL


Via, informally THRU
Works the soil HOES
Ultimatum word ELSE
Hall of Famer Durocher and others LEOS
Pres. Reuven Rivlin’s nation ISR
Plum part PIT
Rabbinical reading TORAH
The end of ___ ANERA
Features of schnauzers BEARDS
Sale item indicator, often REDTAG
Reduce to ashes INCINERATE
You might get a few bucks from one BRONC
“Riders to the Sea” playwright SYNGE
Londoners’ grannies NANS
Mickey’s first wife and Frank’s second AVA
Brit’s bludgeon COSH
Old, in Austria ALTE
Barley bristles AWNS
Wave away SHOO
“The Loco-Motion” co-writer CAROLEKING
Giant legend OTT
Charlemagne’s domain: Abbr. HRE
T or F, at times ANS
Idiosyncrasy TIC
Cabinet dept. with a sun on its seal ENER
Track figures ODDS
Skate park feature RAMP
Connecticut collegians ELIS
Insufficiently strict LAX
First word of a Christmas hymn ADESTE
Long of “Boyz n the Hood” NIA
Available for breeding ATSTUD
Pianist Schumann CLARA
Seeker of solitude LONER
Showing stress: Abbr. ITAL
Cracker topper BRIE
“Walk ___” (Dionne Warwick song) ONBY
“The Old Curiosity Shop” girl NELL
Pitcher Hershiser OREL
Small songbird TIT
Disgusted utterance UGH
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