Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers September 11, 2020

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Author: Matt Gaffney


Beginner-level knowledge ABCS
Total guess STAB
West African capital ACCRA
“Gosh darn it!” DRAT
Son of Woody ARLO
Sunday singers CHOIR
There’s one in São Paulo TILDE
Perceived to be SEENAS
Knock lightly TAP
Forest floor growth MOSS
The old you THOU
Distance runner MILER
Introducers of bands, for short MCS
Haunted house shouts BOO
A pad may cover it KNEE
Current situation STATUS
Legally undo ANNUL
Cloth for cleaning RAG
Commandeer USURP
Tempting herb CATNIP
Do restaurant work PREP
Rogers or Orbison ROY
School ruler HEADMASTER
Tool with teeth SAW
Words after a punchline GETIT
Recipe instruction STIR
Tampa Bay team RAY
Spectrum creators PRISMS
Standard Spanish CASTILIAN
Bored feeling ENNUI
Swiss Paul KLEE
Brand with a Thick & Fluffy variety EGGO
Rattles off LISTS
Cook quickly SEAR
“Saint Joan” playwright SHAW


Does the math, maybe ADDS
Cherbourg cheeses BRIE
Showed up CAME
Blood vessel insertions STENTS
Surname on shampoo bottles SASSOON
Start for cycle TRI
So much ALOT
Comet competitor BONAMI
Make believe ACT
Pipe dreams CHIMERAS
Skill for some sopranos COLORATURA
Frees (of) RIDS
Belligerent deity ARES
“I’m gonna pass” NAH
Cherry discards PITS
Summoned ride UBER
Tail off LETUP
“Hidden Figures” co-star MONAE
Was a bounder? LEAPT
“One L” author Scott TUROW
Athletic award ESPY
Baroque titan BACH
Vienna Secession artist KLIMT
Offered a lower price than UNDERCUT
Texas governor Abbott GREG
Puma purchase PAIR
Volcano, at times ERUPTER
Library area STACKS
Farm passages STILES
Hindu honorific SRI
Poet Silverstein SHEL
Braxton or Basil TONI
Brown alternative YALE
World-weary exhalations SIGH
Trump fan’s acronym MAGA
White cover SNOW
Quick greetings HIS
The Black and the Bering, for two SEA
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