Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers September 12, 2020

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Author: Andrea Carla Michaels & Tony Orbach


It means the world to us EARTH
Leave foster care, in a way AGEOUT
Polar cover ANORAK
Toast start HERESTO
Siren’s destiny? TEMPTRESSFATE
Least carefully considered RASHEST
Notion of motion INERTIA
Die, essentially CUBE
Map, in Milano CARTA
Grp. that added North Macedonia in 2020 NATO
Orch. section STRS
“Careful there!” EASY
Traveling through VIA
Server who had a Buffalo chicken mishap? WAITRESSINTHEWINGS
Gray Panthers grp. SRS
New relative INLAW
Dernier ___ CRI
Hunky-dory AOKAY
Restoration period POWERNAP
Structural support in a ship’s bathroom? HEADBUTTRESS
Cray-cray cute ADORBS
Dix halved CINQ
Singer DiFranco ANI
Common vaccine combo DPT
Opera ___ SERIA
Turn a book into a film, say ADAPT
Egg carton indication GRADEA
Hair extension at a fashion photo shoot? MODELTRESS
Plaintiff’s compensation in a major case? BIGREDRESS
Runners carry it SLEIGH
Maguire of “Pleasantville” TOBEY
Freeze over ICEUP
Google and Clorox, briefly TMS
Leaves in a bag TEA
Solitary LONE
Where the Tagus flows IBERIA
Alarmed shout on spotting a fallen sportswoman? HUNTRESSDOWN
Earful, often SCOLDING
Excedrin alternative ALEVE
Silk sash OBI
How two hearts may beat ASONE
It may need massaging if bruised EGO
Take part in an audition for a movie about an uprising? READTHERIOTACTRESS
Enjoy a bunny slope SKI
Ready for customers OPEN
Container for carnations VASE
Green sci. ECOL
Bygone iPods NANOS
Street rep CRED
Chest protector RIBCAGE
Affixes, as a peace patch IRONSON
Fortuneteller’s look-alike? SEERESSDOUBLE
“Close, but no cigar!” NICETRY
Blood bank stock PLASMA
Haunted house sound SHRIEK
Island business TOURISM
Strike zones? ALLEYS
Tears in two RENDS


Have a pizza delivered, say EATIN
Keiko of “Prodigal Son” AGENA
Convened for another session REMET
Some nosebleed seats TOPROW
Large, sluglike creature in the “Star Wars” universe HUTT
A kind of relief? BAS
Heed the “lefty-loosey” rule UNSCREW
Simple to prepare, in ads NOFUSS
Get one’s mitts on GRAB
Stuck in traffic, perhaps LATE
Squeeze (out) EKE
Defeat utterly THRASH
Crier’s cry HEARYE
Once, once ERST
Wear and tear USE
Ens.’s superiors LTS
Auction offering LOT
Pod or cycle preceder TRI
SoCal locale of “Chico and the Man” EASTLA
Manx, e.g. CAT
Clay pigeon tosser TRAP
Katelyn Nacon’s role on “The Walking Dead” ENID
Tattooed INKED
Audibly shocked AGASP
Hoop skirt? AIRBALL
Quaint quarters INNS
Perfumer’s product SCENT
Kirkuk’s country IRAQ
Angkor ___ WAT
Network: Abbr. SYST
Muscular jerk? SPASM
Clown’s workplace RODEO
Excalibur, e.g. SWORD
Huron allies ERIES
Hula hoop support HIPS
River traveler BARGE
Taking a single operand, in math UNARY
Periodic riser TIDE
Dough CASH
Many an April baby ARIES
“L’Absinthe” painter DEGAS
Taunting remark GIBE
Cannabis cookies EDIBLES
Like a lob ARCED
Bordeaux bean TETE
Beethoven’s birthplace BONN
Shiver-inducing EERIE
Going a-courting? SUING
Wolfgang Puck’s flagship restaurant SPAGO
Namely TOWIT
Over yonder THAR
Some slip-ons MULES
Timber wolf LOBO
Skye of “Gas Food Lodging” IONE
Couch potato’s potatoes, maybe TVDINNER
No longer in the USMC, say RET
Dispatch DOIN
Jet set jets, once SSTS
Apple gadgets CORERS
School for special training ACADEMY
Class recognition HONORS
Jacuzzi, for example EPONYM
Lo- or hi- follower RES
Ill-disposed AVERSE
Safe from hackers SECURE
Plane part CABIN
Scoped out sleazily OGLED
Vichyssoise veggies LEEKS
Home of Italian bubbly ASTI
Honeycomb compartment CELL
Genuine REAL
Checkpoint needs IDS
Quantum theory pioneer BOHR
Stat a QB doesn’t want INT
Copacabana Beach setting RIO
Prefix in many eye care brands OCU
Pampering place SPA
Stockholm carrier SAS
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