Wide PC key Crossword Clue Answer

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Question: Wide PC key

Solution: ENTER

ENTER Definition 1:
To go or come into (something) + obj no obj opposite exit.
Knock on the door before you enter the room.
The medication will quickly enter the blood stream.
The river enters the sea near here.
Knock before you enter. = Knock before entering. [=knock on the door before you open it to go into the room]
You may enter now.
ENTER Definition 2:
To begin to be in (an organization, school, etc.) .
Our son will be entering college next year.
ENTER Definition 3:
To cause (someone) to be in an organization, school, etc. .
enter a child in kindergarten
(Brit) We entered him for a good school.
ENTER Definition 4:
To start to do something .
He was a teacher before he entered politics. [=before he began his political career]
He’s been faced with many scandals since he entered office. [=since he began his term in office]
The new battleship is scheduled to enter service next spring.
ENTER Definition 5:
To begin to be in (a particular situation, period of time, etc.) .
enter middle age
An actor who’s just now entering his prime
The strike has now entered its second week.
We’ve entered a new phase in our relationship.
The country is entering a period of prosperity.
Entering [=at the start of] the season, he was expected to be an important part of the team.
The word has entered common usage [=become commonly used] in recent decades.
ENTER Definition 6:
To appear for the first time in (something) .
He entered the game in the fifth inning.
The company has several new products now entering the marketplace.
ENTER Definition 7:
To officially say that you will be in a race, competition, etc. + obj no obj .
She entered every race.
Several leading players have entered the tournament.
She won the race last year, but this year she decided not to enter.
(Brit) He entered for the tournament.
ENTER Definition 8:
To officially say that (someone) will be in a race, competition, etc. If you are entered in a race, competition, etc., you are one of the people who are competing in it. .
Her coach entered her in every race.
She was entered in every race.
ENTER Definition 9:
To include (something) in a book, list, etc. .
The teacher entered my name on the roster.
enter an item in a journal
These words are not yet entered in the dictionary. [=they do not yet appear in the dictionary]
ENTER Definition 10:
To type in (words, data, etc.) on a computer .
You need to enter your password in order to log on.
Please enter the new data in the spreadsheet.
ENTER Definition 11:
To make or state (something) in a formal and official way .
enter a complaint
The defendant entered a guilty plea to a lesser charge of manslaughter.

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