Canadiana Crossword Answers January 03, 2022

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Author: by Bernice Rosella and James Kilner


South American Indian INCA
Standard NORM
New Zealand aboriginal MAORI
Arab hors d’oeuvre HUMMUS
Spanish fish dish PAELLA
Globes ORBS
____ de dah LAH
Comedienne West, and others MAES
____ Lanka SRI
Inclinations BENTS
Pay back? GET
Musical notation SECCO
Pakistani bread CHAPATI
A kind of lettuce COS
Shoe size AAA
Russian soup BORSTCH
Italian veal, Osso ______ BUCCO
Mineral source ORE
Spirits SOULS
Montreal Canadien HAB
Idea, in St. Croix IDEE
Shoshonean UTE
Portend BODE
Scandinavian pancake LEFSER
Polish dumpling PEROGY
Tie again RETIE
Rub out ERASE
Charge per unit RATE


____ pentameter IAMBIC
___ de plume NOMS
Wine designation CRU
Theatre part AISLE
Opening ORA
Enlarge (variation) REEM
Spanish province MALAGA
North Sea diver MURRE
Frozen rain SLEET
One of the Cartwrights HOSS
__ Spumante ASTI
Mandela’s Party ANC
Footwear BOOTS
Swedish cars SAABS
Cubic centimeters, for short CCS
French City PAU
Get hot under the collar? BOIL
Command ORDER
Hovel HUT
Scrounge CADGE
Follow orders OBEY
Outcast LEPER
This, in Pamplona ESTE
Mischievous child BRAT
One, in Dresden EIN
Historical period ERA
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