Canadiana Crossword Answers January 09, 2023

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Author: by Bernice Rosella and James Kilner


Boast BRAG
Pretend, in a way ACT
Foundation BASE
Jewish priest RABI
Irish dissidents org. IRA
Overtime, for short OT
Columnist and broadcaster, Deirdre MCMURDY
Credit rating AA
Chretien’s HQ PMO
Referee, slangily REF
Weevils BORERS
Indian City MADRAS
Centre or gram preceder EPI
Clear the mist DEFOG
Soul, in St. Denis AME
Lair DEN
Mini ____ VAN
Wee dram NIP
Work unit ERG
A kind of cash PETTY
The big cheese, for short CEO
Journalist for all seasons, Pamela WALLIN
Without difficulty EASILY
European Economic org. EEC
____ Plouffes LES
Patient or polite preceder IM
Television journalist Hana GARTNER
Toronto, for short TO
k.d. ____ LANG
Exploit USE
Calgary columnist, Catherine FORD
Wager BET
____ row SKID


Tell on RAT
Blood type AB
Crude request GIMME
Objective AIM
Wine designation CRU
Sailor TAR
Howled BAYED
DC alternative AC
Ocean SEA
Tikkanen, for one ESA
Classic thirties auto CORD
Resistance DRAG
Canada AM star, Valerie PRINGLE
Newspaper columnist, Diane FRANCIS
Cover with droplets BEDEW
Musical theatre OPERA
Lucky number? SEVEN
Card game MONTE
Media mogul’s mate and columnist, Barbara AMIEL
Indian trooper SEPOY
Dietary no no FAT
Printer’s measure PICA
Fraser River town or American campus YALE
_____ my Eggo LEGGO
Underlings SERFS
Unwell ILL
Chairman ____ MAO
Abrade RUB
Half a fly? TSE
After expenses NET
Denoting three TRI
Strange ODD
Atlantic prov. NB
Alright OK
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