Canadiana Crossword Answers June 27, 2022

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Author: by Bernice Rosella and James Kilner


Roman God LAR
Low ____ , Northwest Territories CAPE
Asian nation IRAN
Copy APE
Run amock RIOT
Flat fish SOLE
High ____, Manitoba BLUFF
Affirmative YES
Platter TRAY
Lewis Carroll character SNARK
West _____, Nova Scotia CHANNEL
Cold ____, Alberta LAKE
Female deer HIND
Rhenium symbol RE
Shoe size AAA
East _____, Manitoba POINT
Sheep sound BAA
Tory party, for short PC
Belch BURP
White ____, British Columbia PASS
Banff Hot _____, Alberta SPRINGS
Black INKY
Civic pol. ALD
Prima donnas DIVAS
Little ____, British Columbia PRAIRIE
German river ODER
Ireland ERIN
Play part ACT
Conservative TORY
North ____, Newfoundland HEAD
Hurry HIE


Lake, in Laval LAC
Military mailbox, for short APO
Radioactivity unit REM
Big ____, British Columbia CREEK
Small islands AITS
“The Raven” author POE
And, in Abitibi ET
Black ____, Manitoba ISLAND
City in Quebec ROUYN
Lord Tennyson, to his pals ALF
Napkin holder NEF
Funeral pile PYRE
Small goose BRANT
Emaciated THIN
Flat-handed blows SLAPS
Civil rights org. NAACP
Alias AKA
Poker player’s requirement CHIPS
Expunge ERASE
Slightest LEAST
Ruffians PUNKS
Revelry ORGY
Sack BAG
A kind of star system BINARY
Of the foot PEDI
South ____, Ontario RIVER
Tranquil BLAND
Dorothy, for short DOT
Artificial language IDO
Cambrian or historic preceder PRE
Bravo! RAH
Here, in Hauterive ICI
Summer, in St. Agathe ETE
What did you say? EH
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