Canadiana Crossword Answers November 06, 2023

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Author: by Bernice Rosella and James Kilner


Tibetan priest LAMA
Meters FEET
Religious belief TAO
Gouzenko, for one IGOR
Folk singer Guthrie ARLO
Sleep stage REM
BC Place locale VANCOUVER
Extreme anger IRE
Mountain lake TARN
Medusa, for one GORGON
French river MARNE
Fonda or Eyre JANE
Sheltered ALEE
Biblical “to that man” UNTOHIM
Coastal feature RIA
Much, to Mario MOLTO
Showy parrots ARA
McMahon Stadium locale CALGARY
Bradley or Khayyam OMAR
World scourge AIDS
Sandpiper STINT
Taylor Field locale REGINA
Kind of rlwy. NATL
Talipot palm leaf OLA
Coastal region TIDEWATER
Major marble TAW
Had on WORE
Largest deer ELK
Listen! PSST
Medical school subj. ANAT


54 to Flavius LIV
Turkish title AGA
Molson Stadium locale MONTREAL
Esoteric ARCANE
Deity FAUN
Ervin, breezily ERV
Skydome locale TORONTO
High school subj. TRIG
To do with flying AERO
Augury OMEN
Mineral source ORE
Essex contemporary REO
Astronaut Garneau MARC
It’s after inter? ALIA
Summer months JULYS
Ivor Wynne Stadium HAMILTON
Iraq neighbour IRAN
Marketplace, for short MART
Mainmast platform ( nautical) MAINTOP
Consecrates ORDAINS
Cheerful, in Cherbourg GAI
Frank Clair Stadium locale OTTAWA
Hack or chain chaser SAW
A way to learn ROTE
Israeli airline ELAL
Gaze in amazement GAWK
From, in Fabreville DES
Geological time period ERA
Soak RET
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