Canadiana Crossword Answers November 13, 2023

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Author: by Bernice Rosella and James Kilner


Drug buster NARC
Sabbatarian grp. SDA
Jewish calendar month ADAR
Scope or winkle preceder PERI
Alberta singer’s monogram KDL
Himalayan hunk YETI
Took part in a mutiny ROSE
Mouth off YAP
Bearing MIEN
What a predator does PREYS
Canadian battlefield in France AMIENS
Mimic APE
Typeface ROMAN
Ripen AGE
Partner of tic TOC
Spirit ELAN
Trudeau’s HQ PMO
Automatic cash dispenser, for short ATM
Tree juice SAP
Locale of 1950’s Asian war KOREA
Playground attraction SEESAW
About cities CIVIC
Fly high SOAR
Ped or pod preceder UNI
List part ITEM
Sharpen WHET
European trade org. ECM
Friable soil LOAM
Ambiance AURA
Hap or Dennis e.g. DAY
Back then YORE
Gather REAP


No vote NAY
Lemon or orange follower ADE
Tell on RAT
1850s European war involving Canadian forces CRIMEAN
Canadian battlefield in Belgium YPRES
Geological time AEON
Rural Routes, for short RRS
Scene of Tragic WW2 Canadian raid DIEPPE
Scottish island SKYE
The great invasion? DDAY
European mountain range ALPS
Hostelry INN
In relation to, for short RE
Region AREA
Shed feathers MOLT
Eastern leader IMAM
Back then AGO
Electrical unit AMP
Seamen TARS
Flowering evergreens OLEA
Bear part CLAW
Patrick, for short PAT
African war involving Canadian forces BOERWAR
Canadian battlefield in Italy SICILY
New Zealand parrot KEA
Org. of rural women . WI
Canadian battlefield in France SOMME
Reminded CUED
South American Indian INCA
____ Ridge VIMY
Scorch SEAR
Overly TOO
Colour HUE
Epoch ERA
Beer source TAP
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