Canadiana Crossword Answers October 02, 2023

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Author: by Bernice Rosella and James Kilner


Cold, in Cadiz FRIO
Ritual RITE
Rower’s concern OAR
Toronto pro LEAF
Arabian gulf ADEN
____ Lanka SRI
Actress Sothern ANN
Oodles SPATE
Complex protein ENZYME
Zuider ____ ZEE
Palm leaf paper OLLA
Minister VICAR
Canadian ____ EH
Salary PAY
Wasn’t well AILED
_____Paulo SAO
Morning, for short AM
Agglomerations CLOTS
About flying AERO
Lawfully LEGALLY
Possess OWN
Ancient buffalo ANOA
Double star BINARY
Spectrum GAMUT
Harold, for short HAL
____ For Two TEA
Oil org. OPEC
Crown PATE
Hardwood tree OAK
Work station DESK
A kind of beam TBAR
Rural Municipalities, for short RMS


Present oneself POSE
Deserve EARN
Vancouver pro, once GRIZZLY
Calgary pro FLAME
Levesque, for one RENE
OO7 writer, Fleming IAN
Word before course, sometimes OF
Toronto pro RAPTOR
A kind of potato IDAHO
Vietnamese New Year TET
Compass point ENE
Caesar or Waldorf , e.g. SALAD
Biblical yes YEA
Fine fabrics LACES
Consisting of sandy sediments SILTY
Proximate NEAR
Go away! SHOO
October stone OPAL
Crippled LAME
Stringed instrument VIOLA
Assign a share ALLOT
Ottawa pro SENATOR
Vancouver pro CANUCK
Barley part AWN
Amusements GAMES
Edmonton pro OILER
Shoe brand BATA
A quantity of paper REAM
Wild oxen YAKS
Deity GOD
Imitate APE
Montreal pro HAB
Gym class PT
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