Canadiana Crossword Answers October 16, 2023

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Author: by Bernice Rosella and James Kilner


Nothing, in Novogorad NADA
Tam O’ Shanter, for one CAP
Theme of today’s puzzle BEER
Yea verily AMEN
Go awry ERR
Lord’s lass LADY
Barbecuers tool TONG
Tune LAY
Impulse URGE
Eugene ______ (First Canadian lager brewer) OKEEFE
French river ARLES
John _______ , Canadian brewer since 1847 LABATT
Specialty brew STOUT
Shaft feature CAM
Some radio stations AMS
Pretentions AIRS
Sever LOP
Universal greeting CIAO
Red Deer to Lloydminster dir. NNE
Scottish shire AYR
Jean _____ , First brewer in New France TALON
College figure SENIOR
Alexander ______ , Nova Scotia brewer since 1829 KEITH
John _____ , Montreal brewer since 1786 MOLSON
Adjutant AIDE
Foundation garment BRA
Distasteful ICKY
Ticks off IRES
Calendar mo. AUG
Nostril NARE
Ruff’s better half REE
Buzzy biter GNAT


Atlantic defence org. NATO
Out of control AMOK
Arctic Canadians DENE
M. Stewart, say CELEB
Macaws ARA
Snoop PRY
Smudge, in a way BLUR
Nobleman EARL
Black velvet and Canadian club RYES
Lard FAT
RB or CIBC technology ATM
Oak to be ACORN
Spigot TAP
TB treatment centre SAN
Container TIN
Mine matter ORE
Suffer pain AIL
Chairman ____ MAO
Man child SON
Caustic LYE
Thomas ______ , first brewed in London Ontario in 1840 CARLING
Ember ASH
Also TOO
Reputation IMAGE
Ballerina Karen KAIN
Irish republic EIRE
Inspiration IDEA
Try out TEST
Peruse SCAN
Gumbo OKRA
No, to Natasha NYET
Estop BAR
Regret RUE
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