Code Letter Crossword Answers December 27, 2023

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Crossword: by Guilherme Gilioli


Kindergarten basics ABCS
Stinging insect WASP
Curved lines ARCS
Air show stunt LOOP
Brim on a baseball cap VISOR
Out of bounds, in baseball FOUL
“Wizard of Oz” dog TOTO
Old enough OFAGE
Eerie glow AURA
Profitability measure OPERATINGMARGIN
Winnie-__-Pooh THE
“__ out!” (ump’s call) YER
Big pig HOG
Perform on a stage ACT
Arthur __ Stadium (tennis venue) ASHE
Unload, as trash DUMP
Hawaiian feast LUAU
Convent dwellers NUNS
“Beauty and the __” BEAST
Point close to catastrophe BRINKOFDISASTER
Go-for-broke bet ALLIN
Tuna or trout FISH
Peak or apex ACME
Elevator company OTIS
Made a knot in TIED
__ Majesty the King HIS
Kind of camera: Abbr. SLR
Served a meal to FED
Deep, as a voice LOW
Advantage over rivals COMPETITIVEEDGE
Exotic smoothie berry ACAI
Make fun of TEASE
Feels poorly AILS
Take on cargo LADE
Spurred (on) EGGED
Prez’s backup VEEP
Argued in court PLED
Valentine’s Day flower ROSE
Old Testament paradise EDEN


Female choral voice ALTO
Toon Betty BOOP
Shelter for doves COTE
Softball or soccer SPORT
Internet cafe amenity WIFI
Slippery __ eel ASAN
Overly drenched SOGGY
Future doc’s program PREMED
At a great distance AFAR
Difficult time ROUGHPATCH
Quaint knickknack CURIO
Informal language SLANG
Says “nay” in a roll call VOTESNO
“I figured it out!” AHA
Dutch Caribbean island ARUBA
Jessica of films ALBA
Ringlet of hair CURL
Custom-fitted, as a suit TAILORMADE
__ and puff HUFF
Cancel a project ENDIT
Flat-topped hill MESA
__ of measure (meter or mile) UNIT
Repetitive Spanish “yes” SISI
“Half” prefix for final SEMI
French “very” TRES
Butter cutter KNIFE
Restocked, as library books SHELVED
“Irish” dog SETTER
Female deer DOE
Top of your head SCALP
In the neighborhood LOCAL
San __ (city near Tijuana) DIEGO
Work with a loom WEAVE
The __ Piper of Hamelin PIED
Luggage labels TAGS
“Now it makes sense” ISEE
Lost power, as a battery DIED
__ club (singing group) GLEE
NCAA game broadcaster ESPN
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