Star Tribune Crossword Answers December 29, 2023

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Recipe units (abbr.) Tsps
Into pieces Apart
Hurt Pain
Afresh Anew
TV repeat Rerun
Division word Into
Trim Pare
Wave top Crest
Individuals Ones
A Great Lake Erie
Works on a tan Suns
Foe Enemy
Letter after gamma Delta
Church walkway Aisle
Otherwise Else
Quick tempo Allegro
Certain dogs Spaniels
Merited Earned
English tavern Pub
TV host Emcee
Fuss Ado
United Allied
Thomas Edison, e.g. Inventor
Thin Slender
Sub shop Deli
Long-legged bird Heron
Slight error Lapse
Colorado ski resort Aspen
Frog’s kin Toad
Acquires Gets
Exit Door
Artist ____ Picasso Pablo
Summer drinks Ades
Surrealist painter Salvador ____ Dali
Map book Atlas
Enthusiastic review Rave
Speck Spot
Actress Della ____ Reese
Pub drinks Ales


Recorded Taped
Entrap Snare
Jeopardy Peril
Add sugar Sweeten
Circle segments Arcs
Lima’s locale Peru
Coliseum Arena
Moscow’s country Russia
Explosive (abbr.) Tnt
Early settler Pioneer
“The Diary of ____ Frank” Anne
List entry Item
Prying Nosy
Jazz singer ____ Fitzgerald Ella
Famed boxer Ali
Garment part Sleeve
Sower Seeder
Graceful tree Elm
Small pest Gnat
Modernize Redo
Smell Odor
Resorts Spas
Influence Pull
Skillful Able
Physics, e.g. (abbr.) Sci
Finish End
Benefit from a will Inherit
Genesis locale Eden
Building wing Ell
____ Falls Niagara
Spin Rotate
Honorable Noble
Bicycle part Pedal
Comic ____ Martin Steve
Snaky letters Esses
Attaches Adds
Suds maker Soap
Explorer Marco ____ Polo
Woeful cry Alas
Medicine portion Dose
Average Par
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