Code Letter Crossword Answers December 28, 2023

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Crossword: by Mark McClain


Vague suggestion HINT
Didn’t mind donating SPARED
Coordinated collection SET
Verbal waffle IMAY
With little effort EASILY
Ostrich cousin EMU
Compression socks SUPPORTHOSE
Pic file format GIF
Trooper’s catch SPEEDER
Homer’s son BART
T. rex, e.g. DINO
Winged wisdom symbol OWL
Compared with THAN
Dubious protagonist ANTIHERO
Slip in a pot IOU
County fair fare CORNDOG
Bronze element TIN
Parakeet cousin COCKATOO
Foal fare OATS
John __ Lennon ONO
Credit cost RATE
Slight squabble SPAT
The opposition ENEMIES
In high demand HOT
Two-star officer REARADMIRAL
Before now AGO
Mind reader of a sort EMPATH
Turkish money LIRA
Palindromic parent MOM
To a greater extent MORESO
Discern ESPY


Cat fight sound HISS
“My turn!” IMUP
Mane area NAPE
Entered on a keyboard TYPEDIN
Venus’ relative SERENA
Major contributor PATRON
Shade of gray ASH
Spanish river RIO
Wall bracket shapes ELS
Darken or lighten DYE
Big name in gaming SEGA
Mideast leader EMIR
Clump of grass TUFT
Valhalla boss ODIN
Far from scintillating BLAH
Twice tetra- OCTO
President Taylor or Fillmore WHIG
Immunologist in 2020s news FAUCI
Ecclesiastical laws CANON
Wind down END
Mark down, say RETAG
Courageous quality GRIT
Long times EONS
Quirky habits TICS
Earring shape HOOP
Normandy city CAEN
Comic strip canine OTTO
French king ROI
Nautical measure KNOT
Common horse race length ONEMILE
Hall of Famers GREATS
Shout on a ship LANDHO
Gossip topic ITEM
Phony deal SHAM
__ stick (bouncy thing) POGO
Bit of matter ATOM
Part of the eye IRIS
Old West icon EARP
Amuse highly SLAY
Sleep lab letters REM
Broody music EMO
National Lawn and Garden Mo. APR
Singer Carly __ Jepsen RAE
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