Star Tribune Crossword Answers December 30, 2023

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Tiny particles Atoms
Serpent’s sound Hiss
Terminates Ends
Send payment Remit
Actress ____ Bancroft Anne
Bargain Deal
Bangor’s state Maine
Squad Team
Party Gala
Respect Esteem
Popular steak cut (2 wds.) Primerib
____ Moines, Iowa Des
Paid attention Listened
Fender dimple Dent
Anchorman ____ Rather Dan
Rage Ire
Regal Imperial
Moscow’s country Russia
Peacock’s pride Tail
Brother’s sib Sis
Table supports Legs
“The ____ Strikes Back” Empire
Most delicious Tastiest
____ West of Hollywood Mae
Little devil Imp
Ruckus Riot
Desire for food Appetite
List-ending abbr. Etc
Three-movement composition Concerto
Make lovable Endear
Many (2 wds.) Alot
Goofs Errs
Main artery Aorta
Divorce city Reno
Mediocre (hyph.) Soso
Climbing plants Ivies
Performer Doer
Messy fellow Slob
Nasty looks Leers


Carrying weapons Armed
Pester Tease
Skips Omits
Coal source Mine
Pittsburgh footballer Steeler
Bonnet Hat
Bungling Inept
Trapped Snared
Symposium Seminar
Advanced gradually Edged
Not far Near
Painter Salvador ____ Dali
Thick slice Slab
Skirt length Mini
List of choices Menu
RR stops Stas
Sandwich shop Deli
Enlightened one’s words (2 wds.) Isee
18-wheelers Rigs
Bridge seat East
Detail Item
Papa’s partner Mama
Smoking device Pipe
Illuminated Lit
Cut Slit
Indian attire Sari
Ready to pick Ripe
Female ruler Empress
Location Site
Pedicure subject Toenail
Gasoline, in England Petrol
Movie star Actor
Chest Torso
Supernatural Eerie
Starchy tuber (sl.) Tater
Uncouth Crass
Birthday greeting Card
Butter’s rival Oleo
Zero None
Bird of peace Dove
Weep Sob
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