Decorator’s selection Crossword Clue Answer

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Question: Decorator’s selection

Solution: COLOR

COLOR Definition 1:
A quality such as red, blue, green, yellow, etc., that you see when you look at something count noncount see pictures of colors starting on page C1.
The color of blood is red.
What color are your eyes?
What color paint shall we use?
Blue and green are my favorite colors.
The pillows are all different colors.
The room needs more color.
In early summer the garden is full of color.
She added color to her outfit with a bright scarf.
The leaves are starting to change color. [=turn from green to orange, yellow, red, etc.]
His eyes were bluish-green in color.
She used red peppers in the salad for color. [=to make it more colorful]
COLOR Definition 2:
Something used to give color to something :a pigment or dye count noncount .
She’s using a new lip/nail color.
The color bled when I washed the shirt.
A brand of hair color
COLOR Definition 3:
The use or combination of colors .
A painter who is a master of color
COLOR Definition 4:
used to describe a photograph, televison picture, etc., that includes colors and that is not black and white often used before another noun see also in living color at living.
The book includes over 100 photographs in (full) color. [=not black and white]
A color photograph
color printing/television
COLOR Definition 5:
The color of a person’s skin as a mark of race A person of color is a person who is not white. .
Discrimination on the basis of sex or color
The book is about her experience as a woman of color in a mostly white community.
COLOR Definition 6:
A pink or red tone in a person’s face especially because of good health, excitement, or embarrassment .
His color is not good. [=he looks ill]
She has some good color in her cheeks.
He could feel the color rising in his cheeks. [=he could feel himself blushing]
The color drained from her face. [=the blood left her face; she became very pale]
COLOR Definition 7:
Something (such as a flag) that shows that someone or something belongs to a specific group .
The ship sails under Swedish colors.
COLOR Definition 8:
Interest or excitement see also local color off-color.
Her comments added color to the broadcast. [=made the broadcast more enjoyable or entertaining]

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