Enthusiastic about Crossword Clue Answer

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Question: Enthusiastic about

Solution: INTO

INTO Definition 1:
To or toward the inside of (something) .
She came into the room/house.
A medicine injected into the bloodstream
Please put the bowl into the sink/cupboard.
They were heading into town.
He jumped into the pool.
INTO Definition 2:
In the direction of (something) .
You should never look directly into [=toward] the sun.
She was just staring into space.
Peering/looking into the past/future
INTO Definition 3:
used to describe hitting or touching something or someone .
He ran into [=against] a wall.
She bumped into me.
INTO Definition 4:
To the state, condition, or form of (something) .
She was shocked into silence.
Come into being/existence
As day turns into night
I got into trouble again.
Her slow descent into madness
Converting sunlight into electricity
He translated the poem from Latin into English.
Change dollars into euros
Breaking up into smaller pieces
INTO Definition 5:
used to say that something or someone has become a part of something .
They entered into an alliance.
He was born into a once-proud family.
INTO Definition 6:
used to say that someone has become involved in something (such as a profession) .
She wants to get into politics.
He decided to go into farming. [=he decided to be a farmer]
INTO Definition 7:
used to say that someone has been forced or persuaded to do something .
He was pressured into doing this by his boss.
I was talked into joining the class.
INTO Definition 8:
used to say that someone is interested in and excited about (something) .
He was never into sports.
I’m really into her music.
I usually enjoy her books, but I just couldn’t get into this one.
INTO Definition 9:
used to say how long something lasts .
The party continued well/far/long/late into the night.
This snow should last well into the spring.
The heat wave will continue into next week.
INTO Definition 10:
Relating to or concerning (something) .
An investigation into the causes of the accident
INTO Definition 11:
used to describe dividing one number by another number .
Six goes into 18 three times.
Dividing 3 into 6 gives 2.

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