Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers April 18, 2024

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Author: Eugene Sheffer


Painter Chagall MARC
Beer barrel KEG
RCA purchase HDTV
Six-sided state UTAH
Rowing need OAR
Aviation prefix AERO
NYC gallery MOMA
Dad on “Black-ish” DRE
Slanted type (Abbr.) ITAL
Rival of Athens SPARTA
Brzezinski of MSNBC MIKA
Attraction in Banff National Park LAKELOUISE
Thin cookie WAFER
Sportscaster Scully VIN
PBS supporter NEA
Love god EROS
Cacophony DIN
Tempo BEAT
Be sick AIL
Camp bed COT
Bar orders BEERS
Ski resort in New York state LAKEPLACID
Duel prompter SLAP
Mountain inns LODGES
“Trust Exercise” author Susan CHOI
Showtime rival HBO
Speck IOTA
Prince in “Frozen” HANS
“— a Camera” IAM
Crazy NUTS
Snooze NAP
Transcript stats GPAS


Fall bloomers MUMS
Perched on ATOP
Hindu hero RAMA
William and Harry’s dad CHARLES
Big camera brand KODAK
Corn unit EAR
Japanese verse HAIKU
One held in custody DETAINEE
— -la-la TRA
Book-spine abbr. VOL
Sailor TAR
Bit of physics ION
Musical set in Argentina EVITA
Cauterize SEAR
Takes courses? EATS
Prosperity WEAL
Met solo ARIA
Pete Seeger composition FOLKSONG
Florida footballer DOLPHIN
Linen closet items BEDDING
IRS employee CPA
Life story BIO
Actress Kimberly ELISE
Walk heavily CLOMP
Jazzy James ETTA
Back talk SASS
“Evita” role CHE
Possessed HAD
Sheepish remark BAA
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