Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers September 15, 2021

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Author: Eugene Sheffer


Owned HAD
Lingerie item, for short CAMI
iPhone downloads APPS
Outback bird EMU
“Exodus” author URIS
Painter Joan MIRO
Skier Tommy MOE
Sushi bar quaffs RICEWINES
Kebab accompaniment PILAF
Aachen article EIN
Editing mark DELE
Musical symbols NOTES
Goes crazy RUNSWILD
Memory method ROTE
Sashimi fish AHI
“The Crucible” setting SALEM
Snitch RAT
Courage GUTS
Bo Peep’s charges SHEEP
Doc’s “Now!” STAT
Table support LEG
“Bye Bye Bye” band NSYNC
Vacuum’s lack AIR
Leer at OGLE
Pyramid part BASE
Nipper’s co. RCA
Afrikaner BOER
Incite SPUR
Cotillion celeb DEB


Rope fiber HEMP
Mine, to Marcel AMOI
Face-off DUEL
Teens’ deadlines CURFEWS
Onassis nickname ARI
Amp plug-in MIC
“Got it” ISEE
C major relative AMINOR
Brooch PIN
Opposite of “post-” PRE
“Mayday!” SOS
Victory WIN
Billboards ADS
Tale teller LIAR
Designer Perry ELLIS
Actress Spelling TORI
Coup d’— ETAT
Third son SETH
Alger’s “before” RAGS
“Nope!” UHUH
Evening, in an ad NITE
Skilled DEFT
Gad about MEANDER
eBay user SELLER
Scale amts. WTS
Church seat PEW
Oodles GOBS
Three feet YARD
Pleasing NICE
Beach crawler CRAB
Filch ROB
Conceit EGO
Pub pint ALE
Knock RAP
Baton Rouge sch. LSU
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