Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers September 18, 2020

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Author: Eugene Sheffer


Witty one WAG
Bouquets-to-order co. FTD
Argentine grassland PAMPA
“I love,” to Livy AMO
“Entourage” character ARI
Virginia Woolf’s “— of One’s Own” AROOM
Illuminated LIT
Edible sugar crystals ROCKCANDY
Potent stick TNT
Sacred song MOTET
Web-based conferencing app ZOOM
Crony PAL
Pen pals? PIGS
Golf’s Ernie ELS
“Star Trek” doctor MCCOY
Spoiled kids BRATS
Spider’s creation COBWEB
TV schedule abbr. TBA
Privation LOSS
Wall St. deal LBO
Clear the decks? SWAB
Humdingers LULUS
— carte ALA
Drywall brand SHEETROCK
Ballot marks XES
Picked a target AIMED
Greek letter CHI
Night before EVE
Affirmatives YESES
Wd. from Roget SYN
— Moines DES


Viennese dance WALTZ
Acid type AMINO
Reached GOTTO
Rural tract FARM
Girl Scout units TROOPS
Formal decrees DICTA
Treaty PACT
Altar constellation ARA
Calendar abbr. MON
Group of seals POD
“Little Women” woman AMY
Iodine source KELP
Cat calls? MEOWS
Legal aides, briefly PARAS
Pig-poke link INA
Belly GUT
Map lines (Abbr.) STS
Caustic solution LYE
Recede EBB
Roman 1150 MCL
Bill’s partner COO
“NCIS” airer CBS
Fuzzy image BLUR
Thin-skinned TOUCHY
Voting groups BLOCS
Like shiny floors WAXED
Tylenol rival ALEVE
Diamond corners BASES
Classic Fords LTDS
Epidermis SKIN
Utter SAY
Hasten HIE
Type measures EMS
Shoe width EEE
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