Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers September 30, 2022

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Author: Eugene Sheffer


Listening device EAR
Wrestling style SUMO
Wax-coated cheese EDAM
Cagers’ gp. NBA
Jannings of old films EMIL
Showroom model DEMO
Pleased GLAD
Sports venues STADIA
CEO’s deg. MBA
Cowboys quarterback Prescott DAK
Equivalence PARITY
London — BROIL
Allen or Tebow TIM
“Kitchy- —!” KOO
Ore deposit LODE
Madrid Mrs. SRA
Small bell sound TING
’50s president IKE
Layer PLY
Speakers’ platforms PODIA
Chasteness PURITY
Fixed SET
Search for gold PAN
Salad choice CAESAR
Designer Wang VERA
Magnitude ENORMITY
During AMID
Homer’s bartender MOE
First-rate TOPS
Lays down the lawn SODS
Evening hrs. PMS


Tolkien creatures ENTS
Help a hood ABET
Hindu hero RAMA
— number SERIAL
Inuit boat UMIAK
Cambridge sch. MIT
Dukakis of “Moonstruck” OLYMPIA
Mystery writer’s award EDGAR
N.J. neighbor DEL
“I — Rock” AMA
’60s chic MOD
“Frasier” pooch EDDIE
“Kapow!” BAM
“— you not!” IKID
“Sula” author Morrison TONI
Meditative practice YOGA
Radar image BLIP
Video-streaming brand ROKU
Baltic Sea feeder ODER
Attempt TRY
Fox’s trait SLYNESS
Tribal emblem TOTEM
Sch. fundraising group PTA
Gems from oysters PEARLS
Apple tablets IPADS
Berate SCOLD
Ninny SIMP
Fermi’s bit ATOM
Deli loaves RYES
Cistern VAT
Punk rock offshoot EMO
Shred RIP
“The Matrix” hero NEO
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