Every one Crossword Clue Answer

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Question: Every one

Solution: ALL

ALL Definition 1:
The whole, entire, total amount, quantity, or extent of .
He stayed awake all night. [=the whole/entire night]
She worked hard all day. [=throughout the entire day]
I’ve been waiting all week to see her.
He had to walk all the way home.
She works all year round.
He’ll need all the help he can get.
Someone took all the candy.
It was one of the greatest victories of all time. [=one of the greatest victories ever]
I think about her all the time. [=I think about her constantly]
ALL Definition 2:
Every member or part of used with a plural noun or pronoun to mean that a statement is true of every person or thing in a group .
All my friends were there.
A film suitable for all ages
They all came late.
We all need to work faster.
I read all the magazines. = I read them all.
All these eggs are ready.
“…all men are created equal…” U.S. Declaration of Independence (1776)
She thinks all teenagers are alike. = She thinks teenagers are all alike.Not all teenagers are alike. = Teenagers are not all alike.
They serve breakfast at all hours. [=at any hour, at any time of day]
They were up till/until all hours. [=they were up very late]
She has to deal with all kinds/sorts/types of people. [=with people of every kind/sort/type]
ALL Definition 3:
The whole number or sum of used with a plural noun or pronoun to mean that a statement is true of a group of people or things considered together .
It was great to see him again after all these years.
ALL Definition 4:
Any whatever .
His guilt is beyond all doubt. [=he is certainly guilty]
She denied all [=any] responsibility for the accident.
ALL Definition 5:
As much as possible of (something) used to indicate the manner in which something is done .
He spoke in all seriousness/innocence. [=he spoke in a completely serious/innocent way]
ALL Definition 6:
Having or showing only (some quality, feature, etc.) .
The students became all attention [=became very attentive] when the teacher came in.
He was all smiles with the boss. [=he was smiling constantly when he was with the boss]
This drink is too strong: it’s all alcohol!
ALL Definition 7:
used to indicate that someone has or seems to have a lot of or too much of some physical feature see also all ears at ear all eyes at eye all heart at heart all mouth at mouth all thumbs at thumb.
An actress who is all legs [=an actress who has very long legs]
ALL Definition 8:
used in speech to refer to a group of people or things see also what all you-all.
Who all is coming? [=who is coming?]
What all do we need to do? [=what are the things that we need to do?]

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