Feeling bad Crossword Clue Answer

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Question: Feeling bad

Solution: ILL

ILL Definition 1:
Not well or healthy :sick or unhealthy usually used after a verb The comparative form iller and the superlative form illest are sometimes used for this sense. .
A chronically/critically/terminally ill patient
Mentally ill adults
I felt ill [=sick] all afternoon.
What’s wrong? You look ill.
He had been ill for several years.
More than half of those exposed to the virus eventually become ill.
She suddenly fell ill. = She was suddenly taken ill. = (US) She suddenly took ill.
(US) The sight made her physically ill. [=the sight made her nauseated]
(US) He became violently ill. [=he vomited]
I have never seen him looking iller. [=worse, (US) sicker]
That’s the illest [=worst, (US) sickest] I have ever seen him.
ILL Definition 2:
Not normal or good .
Her ill [=poor] health forced her to retire early.
ILL Definition 3:
Harmful or damaging .
That dog can eat almost anything with no ill effects.
They had been subjected to months of ill treatment.
ILL Definition 4:
Not helpful or lucky The saying it’s an ill wind that blows no good or it’s an ill wind that blows nobody (any) good means that something that is bad in most ways is usually also good in some way..
They seem to be plagued by ill [=bad] luck/fortune.
An ill omen
ILL Definition 5:
Not kind or friendly see also ill will.
An angry customer’s ill humor/temper
We harbor no ill intentions toward them.
Her comment caused some ill feeling/feelings. [=feelings of anger or resentment]

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