Golden-__ corn Crossword Clue Answer

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Question: Golden-__ corn

Solution: EARED

EARED Definition 1:
The part of the body that you hear with see picture at face.
He was whispering something in her ear.
A dog with floppy earspierced ears [=ears with earlobes that have been pierced for wearing earrings]
EARED Definition 2:
An ability to understand and appreciate something heard .
He has a good ear for music/languages.
EARED Definition 3:
used to describe the way something sounds to you .
It sounds a little old-fashioned to my ear. [=it sounds old-fashioned to me]
EARED Definition 4:
Attention that is shown or given by listening to what someone says To lend an ear or, in literary language, to lend someone your ears is to listen to what someone has to say. .
Thanks for your ear. [=thanks for listening]
When I told my story, my brother listened with only half an ear. [=did not listen closely]
She’s always willing to lend a sympathetic ear.
“Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears.” Shakespeare, Julius Caesar (1599)

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