“Guess again!” Crossword Clue Answer

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Question: “Guess again!”

Solution: WRONG

WRONG Definition 1:
Not agreeing with the facts or truth :incorrect opposite right.
The wrong answer
Their conclusion was wrong.
I don’t want you to get the wrong impression of him.
Don’t take/interpret this the wrong way, but I think you should start exercising.
Are my actions sending the wrong message?
These pages are in the wrong order.
I don’t understand how I got the answer wrong. [=I do not understand how I did not know the right answer]
I got four answers wrong on the test.
I think you have dialed the wrong number. [=an incorrect telephone number]
WRONG Definition 2:
Speaking, acting, or judging in a way that does not agree with the facts or truth often + about often followed by to + verb opposite right.
You’re wrong; the answer is six.
You like baseball, or am I wrong?
Am I wrong in thinking that she should never have gone?
I think her birthday is May 11th, but I could be wrong.
He thinks I can’t win, but I’m going to prove him wrong.Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t tomorrow your birthday?
I was wrong [=mistaken] about the price. It actually costs $30, not $20.
It is wrong to assume that you will be safe if you do that.
WRONG Definition 3:
Not suitable or appropriate for a particular purpose, situation, or person opposite right.
These shoes are the wrong size.
If you’re looking to me for advice on love, then you’re asking the wrong guy.
That was the wrong thing to say/do.
He picked the wrong time to bring up his salary.
He was the wrong person for the job.
I made the wrong decision.
We got married for the wrong reasons.
It would be wrong of me to pressure you into saying yes.
There is nothing wrong with being quiet.
We headed off in the wrong direction and got lost.
The singer hit a wrong note.
She bought the wrong kind of rice.
He accidentally pressed the wrong button.
They decided that they were wrong for each other and broke up.
You are doing it the wrong way.
It’s not his fault that he was injured. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
WRONG Definition 4:
Not in a proper, good, or normal state or condition used to describe a situation in which there is a problem often + with .
What’s wrong? You look unhappy.
She knew something was wrong when her friend didn’t show up for dinner.
There’s something wrong with my computer. [=my computer is not working properly]
Nothing is wrong with your car. [=your car is working properly]
What’s wrong with your shoulder? Did you hurt yourself?
WRONG Definition 5:
Not morally or socially correct or acceptable opposite right.
Stealing is wrong.
I swear I didn’t do anything wrong!
It was wrong of me to accuse you, and I’m sorry.
It is wrong to take other people’s things without their permission.
There’s nothing wrong with standing up for yourself.
WRONG Definition 6:
used to refer to the side of something that is not meant to be on top, in front, or on the outside opposite right.
The CD fell and landed wrong side up/down.
He had his socks on wrong side out.

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