July 08, 2018 NetWord Crossword Answers

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Singing superstar Mariah
Gymnast Korbut
Persian ruler
Printer mishaps
Big name in handbags
Public opinion sampler
Santa __, CA
Taken by mouth
Son of Seth
Gee follower
Feedback source for new ideas
Keeps, old-style
WC Fields persona
Shell out
Russian money
PD alerts
Start of a trouble-free phrase
Multinational monetary union
Serious sports fan’s purchase
Boating blade
Easy basket
Agenda, informally
Signed, as a contract
Medicinal amount
Nike competitor
Provided the funds for
Camping accessories
Toyota hybrid
”Good” cholesterol
Tribute in verse
Tall western tree
Bark from a beagle
Not just any
Set forth
Bond in some buddy movies
Certain Middle Easterner
Any ”Tonight Show” host
Physicist Heisenberg
Stratford’s river
Zellweger of cinema
Dancer’s moves
Lucy of ”Elementary”
Spy op, e.g.
”Am __ late?”
East African republic
Dipping cheese
”Baseball Tonight” channel
Chips before deals
Stage fare
Innocent one
Lead role in ”Gunsmoke”
Open slightly
Wide PC key
Angelic circle
Soldier’s time off
Festive party
Embarrassing commotion
Scandinavian capital
Tones down
Symbols of wisdom
Take care of
As compared to
Sailboat poles
State-approved adders: Abbr.
River through Florence
Classico competitor
First garden
Play areas
Sandal features
Quite protracted
Lump of clay
As a bonus
Trombone part
Bowler, for instance
Austrian bigwig of yore
LOL sound
Violinist Bell
Consist of
Top figure, for short
Complain at length
Free electrons
Trade grp.
Run slowly
Narrow peninsula
Big Apple hoopsters
Office equipment contract
Golden-__ corn
Capable of
Covered like an armadillo
Lens-to-camera fastener
Railroad switch
Squeaks by
Tech’s client
Fizzy mixer
Many wines
Wedding cake levels
Where Kipling was born
Scottie who teamed with Michael Jordan
Senior, to Junior
Tim Cook, at Apple
Places to park
Musical motifs
Macroeconomic stat
Title for two Beatles
Perfumery compound
Fix, as attention
At the moment
Frozen snack
Barnyard mom
”The Sopranos” restaurateur
WWII summit site
French water source
Symbol of strength
Food truck fare
Address block abbr.
It’s introduced in court
At close range
Gold coin in pirate stories
Worship from __
African equines
Modify formally
Barnyard mom
Leans some
Worn out
Breakfast concoction
Risotto __ zucca (pumpkin and rice dish)
”Quantum” increase
Buddhist monk
Through all parts of
Ending like -ity
Before now
Pliers part
Every one
Top gymnastic score
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