July 16, 2018 New York Times Crossword Answers

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Crossword Title: New York Times, Monday, July 16, 2018
Author: Erik Agard
Editor: Will Shortz

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Crossword Clues

Australia’s national gemstone
“___ Surfin'” (2008 rap song)
Lead-in to frost
Walk back and forth nervously
What a fisherman might bring home even if he doesn’t catch any fish
Singer Fitzgerald
Yoked animals
Weavers’ devices
Start of an overseas telephone number
Former org. for James Comey
Three on a sundial
Test in a hospital tube, for short
Classic game now sometimes played with “lasers”
Faux money
Wolf Blitzer’s channel
Madam’s counterpart
Latest dope
Dental problem fixed by braces
Annual award from Stockholm
“You said it, brother!”
Open ___ night (comedy club offering)
“Many years ___ …”
What a micromanager would like to have
“Yes, ma chérie”
“This might be of interest,” on a memo
Fish eggs
Georgia’s capital: Abbr.
Approach respectfully, in modern parlance
Indian yogurt dish
Boys’ school near Windsor
Of all time
Ringo of the Beatles
Political competition
Farm structure
Weirdly spooky
Space on a schedule
Friend in war
Oil grp.
___ Alto, Calif.
Org. defending the Bill of Rights
Move so as to hear better, say
The Empire State Building has 102 of them
Like candles
Smart ___ (wiseacre)
Human ___ Project
Add even more criticism
Music genre related to punk
Place to see the town while painting the town red?
Most populous city in India
Symbol starting a Twitter handle
Palindromic bird
What icicles do
Amts. of blood
Musical Yoko
Fix, as an election
Picture holder
Dove’s sound
Item on a concert stage
Tending to one’s own well-being
Instagram upload, for short
[That was a funny one]
R&B singer with the hits “So Sick” and “Miss Independent”
Princess’ headwear
Bested in a hot dog contest, say
Stopwatches, sand clocks, etc.
Neither’s partner
Mother with a 41-Across Peace Prize
Abbr. at the end of an abridged roster
Hit 2017 computer-animated film … or a hint to 20-, 27-, 49- and 58-Across
Bad, bad, bad
An amoeba has just one
Helen of ___
Prefix with -fecta
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