LA Times Crossword Answers April 06, 2021

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Author: James Sajdak / Ed. Rich Norris


Disagreement SPAT
Her first speaking role was in MGM’s “Anna Christie” GARBO
Unlikely SLIM
Fashion designer Rabanne PACO
Cold shoulder or hot corner IDIOM
Elizabeth of “Jacob’s Ladder” PENA
Wee bit ATOM
It might be uncured BACON
Plant with hips ROSE
Salute in an old orbiter? MIRFORMALITY
Arizona neighbor SONORA
Former SETI funder NASA
Pokémon Go finder: Abbr. GPS
Spa supplies OILS
African megalopolis CAIRO
Nonstick kitchen product TFAL
Stadium scene after a big win? TIERSOFJOY
Normandy river ORNE
Foil firm ALCOA
It borders both the Missouri and the Mississippi rivers IOWA
Fishing parties? PIERGROUPS
Early Disney productions CELS
__ del Carmen, Mexico PLAYA
Distant beginning? EQUI
Photog’s choice SLR
Org. offering shelter for some homeless SPCA
It merged with Chevron in 2005 UNOCAL
Edward Scissorhands’ syndrome? SHEARMADNESS
Chain part ISLE
1975 Pulitzer winner for criticism EBERT
Old film dog ASTA
Catty reply MEOW
__ attack PANIC
Cat catchers PAWS
Seriously reduce SLASH
Prizes in los Juegos Olímpicos OROS


Bombards with e-junk SPAMS
Deck alternative PATIO
Nut with a cap ACORN
Iberian peninsula territory GIBRALTAR
Economist Smith ADAM
Puerto __ RICAN
Half an Ivy cheer BOOLA
Dodges of old OMNIS
Agile SPRY
Uncle on “Seinfeld” LEO
Advantages for job seekers INS
Novelist Rita __ Brown MAE
“He’s mine, __ am his”: “Coriolanus” ORI
Stand snack TACO
Boy toy? GIJOE
Milk sources SOYAS
Prairie skyline feature SILO
Name on collectible cards TOPPS
Bell or whistle? FRILL
At hand, poetically ANEAR
Old French coin ECU
It’s often skipped ROPE
Cryptozoologist’s quarry SASQUATCH
Wicked slice GASH
Conjunction in a German article UND
Buds, slangily PEEPS
Band of intrigants CABAL
Concert setting ARENA
Romero who played The Joker CESAR
Dog in Orbit City ASTRO
Exams for future attys. LSATS
Susie-shirts tongue-twister link SEWS
Hosp. tests MRIS
Little demon IMP
Sells-shells tongue-twister link SEA
Bit of cowspeak LOW
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