LA Times Crossword Answers July 14, 2018

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Critical measurements in “Apollo 13”
“Yada yada yada” letters
They may be wrapped at restaurants
China neighbor
Common pace for a slugger
“__ you special”
In a big stack
Assessor’s decision
Car wash option
Serious reading?
B-complex vitamin
Old fad items packed in boxes with breathing holes
Conclude with
New job requirement, perhaps
“That makes sense”
Convertible’s spot
Help for ones seeing stars?
Macabre rock genre
Where odds are posted: Abbr.
Modern capture?
Negri of silents
Starter starter?
“Nattering nabobs” veep
Track runners
Many a head shop garment
Don’t forget about
Have in hand
Reddit VIP
One you usually don’t want to meet
Makeshift branch hanger
“Hello” balladeer
Miss a syllable or two, say
Rich veins
Medium skill
Invader from below


__ skiing
Sending out
Round fabric pattern element
Compass dir.
Hunt in “Mission: Impossible” films
Brand with a leporine mascot
Tooth not examined by a dentist
Solid, in a request
Fastened anew, as a corset
Sandwich component?
“Boss of the Plains” apparel brand
Golfing groups
Gradually goes down
“Come on in!”
Whispered sweet nothings
They take things the wrong way
Smallest Battleship pieces
Connected with
Bottom-line positives
Looie’s underling
Metaphor for a potential crisis
“The Wizard of Oz” plot twist–literally
Denied access, on social media
First artist whose first six albums debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200
Genetic variant
Squeezed (in)
Casting array
Annoying sort
Numbered work
__ Miss
“I. Am. Speechless.”
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