LA Times Crossword Answers September 29, 2021

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Author: Gail Grabowski / Ed. Rich Norris


Garden lure SPIDERWEB
Prefix meaning “coil” SPIRO
It straddles the border of two western states LAKETAHOE
Brass, for one ALLOY
Closing question AREWEDONE
Subjects for reviewers FILMS
Kind of gravel PEA
What some glasses lack RIMS
Observed visiting SEENAT
Break off loudly SNAP
Write the wrong number on, perhaps MISDATE
Legal option APPEAL
Warning after using an iron FORE
A.L. East squad TOR
__ space CRAWL
Glove material LATEX
Speech interruptions UMS
Work to get EARN
Support on the way up PITON
Cookout choice BRAT
Modicum BIT
One of a nursery rhyme trio BAKER
Most successful African-American PGA golfer before Woods PEETE
Custom finish? ARY
Made it up LIED
Armadas on the road NISSANS
Turnovers, e.g. STAT
Take out DELETE
Shot in the dark STAB
Clicking sound? AHA
“Battlestar Galactica” commander ADAMA
One who’s no fun to play with POORLOSER
Showed up GOTIN
Bicycle tire feature VALVESTEM
Discharge EGEST
Tiny arboreal amphibians TREETOADS


Indication of an offense SLAP
Take a little off PARE
Many of its products are named for Scandinavian places IKEA
Mountain __ DEW
Hardly transitory ETERNAL
Like much flower symmetry RADIAL
Defeat decisively WHOMP
Quite a stretch EONS
One who does a waggle dance BEE
Sensitive health class subject SAFESEX
Practiced diligently PLIED
It’s often used to make paste ROMATOMATO
Traditional Christmas Eve dish for some OYSTERSTEW
Traffic stopper, at times SIREN
Tailored SEWN
Power source MOTOR
Elastic wrap brand ACEBANDAGE
Herbivore named for its habitat PRAIRIEDOG
List on a ticket PARTYSLATE
In the cards FATED
Takes an interest in LIKES
Revolutionary pamphleteer PAINE
Far from subtle BLATANT
High-tech communications portmanteau PHABLET
Feel a strong need (for) STARVE
Rest area array SEMIS
Made off with STOLE
Use an updraft, say SOAR
Old movie dog ASTA
Be mindful of HEED
Administrative branches ARMS
Low mil. rank PVT
Granada bear OSO
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