LA Times Crossword Clue Answers August 30, 2018

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Author: Lewis Rothlein / Ed. Rich Norris

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LA Times Crossword Answers, Thursday, August 30, 2018

Sickly complexion
Eugene of “American Pie” movies
Grand Canyon hrs.
Current unit
Finnish telecom giant
Something to slip on?
Fabricated “Murphy Brown” star?
Omega-3 source
It can get you down
Fabricated “Help!” star?
Coalition creators
Olympians using boards
Often-injured knee ligament, for short
Illinois River city
Clergy … and four answers in this puzzle?
Fragrant blooms
MLB scoreboard letters
Metallic sounds
Like some relations
Language student’s challenge
Fabricated “Girls” star?
Knocks their socks off
Soccer star Messi
Fabricated “La La Land” star?
Urban center?
“Your game”
Old union member: Abbr.
Sicilian volcano
Studio dweller
Q&A session on Reddit
Clinic worker: Abbr.
Eastern Mediterranean region
Expert in futures?
Mix again
Frequent Mastroianni co-star
Ticker tape, briefly?
Goes (for)
Grammy-winning satirical artist Al
Magnet for a narcissist
Searches high and low
Winter temp range
Campbell of “House of Cards”
Storage spots
Noble objective
Checkers move
City whose state’s postal code is half its name
“Shoulda thought of that!”
Slight reaction?
One-striper: Abbr.
“The X-Files” subjects
Thinks ahead
Something to slip on
Large deer
Allied gp. since 1948
“Are you out __?”
Drunken noodles cuisine
Nautical wheel
Billy McBride on “Goliath,” e.g.
Smooch in a lift
Prove successful
Carol beginning
Rat out
Clinic supply
Writer Mario Vargas __
A, to Merkel
__ liquor
“Round __ virgin … “
Pub initials
Diarist Anaïs
Noir pistol
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