NetWord Crossword Answers February 23, 2023

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Author: by Steve Faiella


Smidgen TAD
Religious leader RABBI
Drama with orchestra OPERA
Poetic homage ODE
Pompeo of “Grey’s Anatomy” ELLEN
Designated NAMED
Woodland creature DOE
Parade presentation FLOAT
Still in contention ALIVE
One offering sign-on bonuses ARMYRECRUITER
Emphatic assent YESSIR
GPS reading NNE
Lentils, peas, etc. LEGUMEFAMILY
Yr.-round setting in Yuma MST
Measure of force DYNE
Juliet speech starter OROMEO
Square-mile fraction ACRE
Vintage OLD
Was worthwhile PAID
Tiki culture refreshment MAITAI
Outperform BEST
Goat quote MAA
Oil magnate known for his art collection ARMANDHAMMER
Santa __, CA ANA
Buffett, by birth OMAHAN
A 2022 14-foot-high Tel Aviv menorah LEGOSCULPTURE
Put on again REAIR
Multitude HORDE
Erstwhile inhabited orbiter MIR
Lexus alternative ACURA
Garden tool EDGER
Sketch artist’s need PAD
Data transmitter MODEM
Visionaries SEERS
Conniving SLY


Hold dear ADORE
Regards DEEMS
Word on taqueria menus REFRIED
Anatomical aversion ALLERGY
Like-minded group BLOC
Withstand BEAR
Perfectly pitched INTUNE
Winning consistently ONATEAR
Washed-out PALE
Dubai’s head of state EMIR
Amp (up) REV
Suffix for stock ADE
High fashion monogram YSL
Lowdown INFO
Small number in Naples UNO
Peach __ (dessert) MELBA
Unruly hair MOP
Religious leader IMAM
“Star Wars” royalty LEIA
“Star Wars” sage YODA
Family nickname MAMA
Simba’s royal predecessor SCAR
Decorative embellishment TRIM
GPS reading ETA
Gallery, to 5 Down ANAGRAM
Medicare issuance: Abbr. IDNO
Burn without flame SMOLDER
Tones down TEMPERS
Chops finely HASHES
Chinese zodiac animal RAT
Camel characteristics HUMPS
Computer screen font ARIAL
Hardly hip NERDY
Give props to LAUD
Word on Irish euros EIRE
Programmer’s work CODE
Argue for URGE
Plow into RAM
Prefix that can mean “green” ECO
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