NetWord Crossword Answers February 26, 2023

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Author: by Mark McClain


Value system ETHIC
Jazz great Fitzgerald ELLA
Nadal of tennis, familiarly RAFA
Cope with change ADAPT
__ Vista (Disney World address) BUENA
London lockup GAOL
Mideast airline ELAL
Adjective for icecaps POLAR
Memorable Count Dracula BELALUGOSI
Creator of Quasimodo VICTORHUGO
Short races SPRINTS
Hub of a county SEAT
Became frothy FOAMED
Tasty palm berry ACAI
Tiny amounts IOTAS
Entertaining FUN
Genetics pioneer GREGORMENDEL
Decided to skip PASSEDUP
Folk wisdom LORE
Grassy area MEADOW
Be an omen of BODE
Dole (out) METE
Org. with judges ABA
Nickname like Tess TERRI
Archaeological site DIG
Strike down, in the Bible SMITE
Square scrubber SOSPAD
LBJ opponent in ’64 BARRYGOLDWATER
Ornate mug STEIN
Very much TONOEND
Lyrical tribute ODE
Mos. and mos. YRS
Big wheel NABOB
Hawaii’s Mauna __ LOA
Houston ballplayer ASTRO
Eventful period ERA
Syrup, for instance GOO
Paved airport areas TARMACS
Time off, informally VACAY
“Starry Night” artist VINCENTVANGOGH
Dress down BERATE
Daisy look-alike ASTER
Be of service AID
Country singer LeAnn RIMES
Sound in many a 44 Across BAA
Home document DEED
Give an account of TELL
Excited about KEENON
Henry VIII’s sixth PARR
Play’s supporting players ENSEMBLE
“Plus 8” mom of TV KATEGOSSELIN
Greek Aurora EOS
Wrestling tactics HOLDS
Sound of a crowd ROAR
Hereditary INBORN
Ripped (out) TORE
Noble-minded GALLANT
Knighted drummer RINGOSTARR
Chili ingredient ONION
Suffix for short music ETTA
Bona fide TRUE
Had broadcast AIRED
Prefix for fit RETRO
Cow’s nursery rhyme hurdle MOON
Impudent talk SASS
Argyles, for instance SOCKS


Flow away EBB
Mardi Gras day: Abbr. TUES
Be of service HELP
Hopping mad INARAGE
Multicolored cat CALICO
Small hourglass EGGTIMER
Thailand neighbor LAOS
Part of LAPD LOS
Two-Oscar actor Mahershala ALI
Make public REVEAL
Alternate name ALIAS
It’s the truth FACT
Music genre prefix ALT
Mess hall supply APRONS
Capital of Qatar DOHA
Homecoming visitor ALUM
Leaf (through) PAGE
Tramped on TROD
Clean, in police jargon UNARMED
Helpful OFUSE
Anxious state STEW
Mumbai native INDIAN
Device on a dash ODO
Passing craze FAD
Etcher’s target GLASS
Mechanical worker ROBOT
Eradicate ERASE
Half of a jewelry pair EARBOB
__ stick (bouncy toy) POGO
Actress Watson or Stone EMMA
One prayed to DEITY
Pronounce UTTER
Looks intently PEERS
Texas city’s nickname BIGD
Bright-colored songbird TANAGER
Real go-getter DYNAMO
Turns suddenly SWERVES
ATM input PIN
“The Song of __” (French epic poem) ROLAND
Corporate makeover, for short REORG
Winning streak ender LOSS
Banned insecticide DDT
Whistle sound TOOT
__ voyage party BON
Feeling sore ACHING
Adornment on a boat club wall OAR
Get out of EVADE
Gone up RISEN
Pot payments ANTES
Aft part of a plane TAIL
Goes along AGREES
Group of plotters CABAL
Video arcade pioneer ATARI
Long (for) YEARN
Give up by treaty CEDE
Poetic lowland VALE
Son of Leia and Han BENSOLO
Docking fees MOORAGES
Beef cut TBONE
Shapes of wall brackets ELS
Curly cabbage KALE
Timetable no. ETD
Stock analysis no. PERATIO
Source of fine wool MERINO
Native of Seoul KOREAN
Spicy dips SALSAS
Bookstore section HOWTO
Composer Stravinsky IGOR
Second to __ (superior) NONE
Lady from Leeds or Liverpool BRIT
Nasal appraisal ODOR
Traveler on the Yellow Brick Road TOTO
African antelopes GNUS
DEA officer NARC
Difficult journey TREK
__ and haw HEM
ACLU concerns RTS
Holder of long-term savings IRA
GPS displays RDS
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