NetWord Crossword Answers January 02, 2022

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”Shut up!” CANIT
41’s monogram GHWB
Was fond of LIKED
Captain Sparrow portrayer DEPP
Whirlpool alternative AMANA
Reach great heights SOAR
Speak bombastically ORATE
Director Kazan ELIA
Vatican leader elected in 1922 POPEPIUSXI
Composer/pianist making his first jazz recordings in 1922 FATSWALLER
Publicity package PRESSKIT
Eccentric BATTY
Tickle pink PLEASE
President Arthur’s nickname CHET
Skating star Sonja HENIE
Stocking section FOOT
MGM, informally METRO
Evening bash SOIREE
Venerable Dutch beer HEINEKEN
Reverberations ECHOES
Airborne advertising that debuted in 1922 SKYWRITING
Southeast Asian language LAO
Whole bunch SLEW
After the buzzer LATE
Gave for a bit LENT
Just average SOSO
”That’s what YOU think!” HAH
His ”Stopping by Woods . . .” poem was written in 1922 ROBERTFROST
Trig functions SINES
”Scarlet” songbird TANAGER
Wrench away WREST
Confused situation MUDDLE
Minimal amounts IOTAS
Pay rent for LEASE
Oscar actress Marisa TOMEI
”Monsieur” server GARCON
Actress Keaton DIANE
Take to the slopes with a chute PARASKI
Indo-__ languages ARYAN
”On the Road” author born in 1922 JACKKEROUAC
Stamp out END
Europe/Asia’s __ Mountains URAL
Stare awkwardly GAWK
Partner of letters ARTS
Do as you’re told OBEY
6 Across’ party GOP
His novel ”Ulysses” was published in 1922 JAMESJOYCE
Mexican shawl SERAPE
Ram’s daughters EWELAMBS
Erstwhile biscuit brand UNEEDA
Retail venues MARTS
Iowa State city AMES
SASEs, for instance ENCLS
Four-hand piano piece DUET
Aqua __ (nitric acid) FORTIS
Theodore of ”My Fair Lady” BIKEL
Typical part of a luau PIGROAST
Its first radio was installed by Harding in 1922 WHITEHOUSE
Hesse novel published in 1922 SIDDHARTHA
”I didn’t know I had it __” INME
Founded first OLDER
Former Konica competitor AGFA
Visibly elated LITUP
Tribulations WOES
Withdraws slowly WEANS
Coin flip TOSS
”No man is an island” poet DONNE


Comics Brit Andy CAPP
Picasso’s passion AMOR
What a collar covers NAPE
Waiting safely, before a house sale INESCROW
Astaire footwear TAPSHOE
Test pilots’ outfits GSUITS
Caterer client HOST
Candle material WAX
Crime in the Constitution BRIBERY
More noble LOFTIER
Beside oneself IRATE
Pop singer Perry KATY
UFO passengers ETS
Weather forecast number DEWPOINT
Strike out DELETE
Jazz legend Fitzgerald ELLA
Crusty desserts PIES
Reduce, as expenses PARE
He followed Harry IKE
Traveling with the gang ALONG
All over again ANEW
Trail patron HIKER
Deceptive movement FEINT
Netting MESH
Brilliant success ECLAT
O’Neill play written in 1922 THEHAIRYAPE
Blender brand OSTER
’50s explosive experiment HTEST
Chocolate-covered ice cream introduced in 1922 KLONDIKEBAR
Studio tripod EASEL
Lariat loop NOOSE
Rallying cry SLOGAN
Concession statement ILOSE
Fivers ABES
Portions on a steak plate SIDES
Tattle about RATON
Minor adjustment TWEAK
Telling it like it is FRANK
Visit again RESEE
Poison ivy cousin SUMAC
Lighter than lite NOCAL
Confused situation MORASS
Defeats, so to speak LICKS
With no slack TAUT
Measure precisely GAUGE
Cupid’s missile ARROW
Coolidge’s veep DAWES
Scrutinized, with ”over” PORED
Bungle-prone INEPT
Sides of a doorway JAMBS
Political contests RACES
Color changers DYES
Program with prizes GAMESHOW
”Messiah,” for one ORATORIO
Oscar actor Foxx JAMIE
Clunky old cars JUNKERS
Long ago ONCE
Green seen in ”The Wizard of Oz” EMERALD
Breakfast beverages LATTES
Reebok alternative ADIDAS
Iron, in Austria EISEN
Sound of disdain UGH
Text like IMHO FWIW
”This is awful!” OHNO
Coleridge work RIME
Pest partner BUDA
Sharable file formats PDFS
Memo-routing abbr. ATTN
Cold-shoulder SHUN
Sticky strip TAPE
World Cup cheer OLE
”It’s my turn” IGO
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