NetWord Crossword Answers June 27, 2020

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Author: by Lester Ruff, edited by Stanley Newman


Familiarize (oneself) ACCUSTOM
Way out ESCAPE
Toll road alternative SHUNPIKE
”Courage to Change” seller ALANON
Not readily shared PERSONAL
Benefit of exercise TONING
Common core EMS
Monarca hereditaria REY
Latter-day chickpea product PASTA
Nearly all bananas, to botanists CLONES
__ Things Considered (bird blog) OWL
Ruckus STIR
Pop __ TARTS
Motive for a negative opinion XRAY
Big buzzing beast in ”Futurama” TOAD
See 24 Down CAR
Extremity indicator TOO
Sound advice from a decorator ACOUSTICALTILE
Buffet servers URNS
Former IndyCar apparel provider IZOD
”The __ Administration” (”Hamilton” tune) ADAMS
Determination GUTS
It’s had OMG since 2011 OED
Hymnal praise GLORIA
Square UNHIP
’80s mile-run record holder COE
Antonym of ”exciting” DRY
eBook ancestor SCROLL
Myanmar’s second city MANDALAY
Something shown or paved THEWAY
Subject to restraint REGULATE
”Treasure Island” assent AYEAYE


Science Olympiad setting CHEMLAB
Get-it-over-with-quick CURSORY
People, so to speak UNS
Frond features SPORESACS
They’ll get into your dinner TINES
In order OKAY
Get into your dinner EAT
Zero-star dinner SLOP
Game Goldfinger cheats at CANASTA
Carrey’s ”Bruce Almighty” girlfriend ANISTON
Caption anagram PONTIAC
Alert to take a defensive position ENGARDE
Vowelless Scrabble play NTH
With 34 Across, train hobbyist’s buy ORE
Opening announcement WANTAD
Product name not derived from 56 Down LYSOL
Economic incentive for innovation XPRIZE
Spanish word for ”courtyard” PATIO
Completed an accounting TOTALEDUP
City on the Savannah AUGUSTA
Nut butter descriptor CRUNCHY
Cue from a quarterback ONTHREE
Ship now an L.A. maritime museum USSIOWA
Creature swallowed by crocodiles COD
Way to 47 Down IDO
Universal Studios D’oh-nuts seller LARDLAD
Any of seven members of a UN member EMIRATE
Consent SAYYES
Cable car signals GONGS
Follower of fair, foul or free PLAY
City near the English Channel CAEN
pH adjuster in cosmetics LYE
Test in a tube MRI
Endeavoring to be ALA
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