NetWord Crossword Answers June 28, 2020

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Author: by S.N., edited by Stanley Newman


Squad’s best players ATEAM
Synagogue SHUL
Bonn’s river RHINE
Jabba the __ (sci-fi villain) HUTT
Military instrument BUGLE
100 cents, in Sicily EURO
Piece-of-cake course EASYA
Cookie made with cocoa OREO
”We’re getting married” ENGAGINGLY
”The battleships are at sea” FLEETINGLY
Big name of the Renaissance LEONARDO
Still a possible winner ALIVE
Becomes inflexible STEELS
Largest MA airport BOS
Airport arrival PLANE
London : West End :: NYC : __ BWAY
Submit, as for grading HANDIN
See 75 Across SATIE
City north of Hamburg KIEL
Water cooler ICE
Tossing-of-hand comment IMOUT
”Bungee jumping is fun” ACCORDINGLY
”__ culpa” MEA
London art museum TATE
Plumlike fruit SLOE
”Little” Dickens girl NELL
Tax prep experts CPAS
Peace activist from Tokyo ONO
”The river keeps flowing” RECURRENTLY
Scandinavian ancestors NORSE
Ishmael, in ”Moby Dick” NARRATOR
Sherlock’s ”in progress” AFOOT
__ Dashiell Hammett SAMUEL
Part of modern-day Turkey IONIA
”__ from the Bridge” (Miller play) AVIEW
Didn’t procrastinate ACTED
Native American language group SIOUAN
”Just what I didn’t need!” SWELL
Sprays everywhere SPATTERS
Verb on nickels TRUST
”Should we take it all or not?” WHOLESOMELY
Midday break of a sort NAP
End a 73 Across RISE
With 38 Across, French composer ERIK
”__ The Magazine” (high circulation monthly) AARP
Bulldog of the comics OTTO
YMCA fluency class ESL
”The book fell apart” SPINELESSLY
”You’ve got mail!” hearer AOLER
A question of motive WHY
Boxed parts to assemble KITS
Push forward IMPEL
Literary ”evil twin” MRHYDE
Big trucks RIGS
Pushes forward SPURS
Source of fleece RAM
Library’s coin-op machine COPIER
Back-talking SASSY
”Read this bodybuilding brochure” ABSTRACTLY
”We need a party planner” EVENTUALLY
Leave in the dust LOSE
Song of joy PAEAN
Tie material SILK
Brightened LITUP
2000 Subway Series team METS
Either end of ”comic” HARDC
19 Across rendition TAPS
Cinematic effect, for short SLOMO


Genesis 4 name ABEL
Something played on a stage TUNE
Frozen waffle brand EGGO
Astronaut Shepard ALAN
Measure of memory MEGABIT
Dispatches SENDS
Creator of Cosette HUGO
Every website has one URL
Not about to sell out LOYALTO
Slice in two HALVE
Comment of comprehension ISEE
”Science rules!” host NYE
Dines in style EATSWELL
Certain sugar substitute HONEY
Push (to do) URGE
Push (to do) TELL
Action figures, for instance TOYS
Inflexible IRON
San Marino’s surroundings ITALY
Evildoer’s hideout LAIR
Runner in front PACER
To a great extent, so to speak BIGLY
Discover by chance HITON
LG alternative AMANA
”We’re in the Labour Party” NOTORIOUSLY
Word before date or diligence DUE
Search with great care SCOUR
Lowered oneself KNELT
”Junior has a fresh mouth” IMPRUDENTLY
Quit it CEASE
Tripod cousin EASEL
Kitchen wrap brand ALCOA
Being dragged INTOW
Take effect slowly SETIN
Cupid coworker COMET
Charged on foot RANAT
Entangle RAVEL
Submit returns online EFILE
December renditions NOELS
Smartly dressed NATTY
Shake out of dreamland ROUSE
Barber’s concern SCALP
Left dreamland AWOKE
Mimicry APERY
Spray everywhere STREW
Dubliners, e.g. IRISH
What shorts don’t cover SHINS
Was worthy of RATED
Bit of pollen SPORE
Court orders WRITS
Pleasant changes of pace OASES
Quotation at the start of a chapter EPIGRAPH
”I’m impressed!” OOH
Athlete in goggles SKIER
Sing silently, in a way LIPSYNC
Birds as tall as tackles EMUS
Most agile SPRYEST
Carryable loads ARMFULS
Brewery raw material MALT
Serious ceremonies RITES
Course of greens SALAD
Standings RANKS
Laid back CALM
Military band instrument OBOE
Subdued ”Hey, you!” PSST
Ending for prank or pun STER
Cry of distress HELP
Milk holder PAIL
Viola’s range ALTO
Frequent a seedy bar SLUM
Run for fun, perhaps TYPO
Motor club in Quebec: Abbr. CAA
Passing through on a trip VIA
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