NetWord Crossword Answers March 01, 2023

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Author: by Guilherme Gilioli


Very soft mineral TALC
Alternative to Maytag AMANA
Woodworker’s tool SAW
Actor Epps or Sharif OMAR
Batman’s partner ROBIN
Mystical glow AURA
Good base to build on SOLIDFOUNDATION
37 Down player’s shoe SKATE
Numbered hwy. RTE
Offer of assistance LETME
” __ shocked!” IAM
Install in advance, as software PRELOAD
Machines spinning at construction sites CONCRETEMIXERS
Important “numero” UNO
Czech or Serb SLAV
Fuel for some stoves GAS
Nevada casino center RENO
Liquor in martinis GIN
Offered at retail SOLD
Half of a semicolon DOT
The thing right here THIS
What fills a basketball AIR
Recreation requiring exertion PHYSICALSPORTS
Big name celebrity ALISTER
Energy, informally PEP
Heavy, as a fog DENSE
Self-importance EGO
Country in the Himalayas NEPAL
Courtroom testifier MATERIALWITNESS
Brit’s outcry ISAY
Military horse STEED
Queen in “Frozen” ELSA
After-tax amount NET
Follows the advice of HEEDS
Minor fender bump DENT


Throw softly TOSS
Run __ (go wild) AMOK
Tra __ (singing sounds) LALA
Restaurant rater CRITIC
Comics barking sound ARF
Tie up at a dock MOOR
Be adjacent to ABUT
Prime-time hour NINEPM
“Not only that . . .” AND
Gentleman caller SUITOR
Floral attractions AROMAS
Faded away WANED
Had a lighter lunch, say ATELESS
Beloved ones DEARS
Amazon’s speaker voice ALEXA
Gibson or Brooks MEL
Prearrange illegally RIG
Mongrel dog CUR
Lowest sudoku digit ONE
Persona __ grata NON
Label on luggage TAG
Musical about the PerĂ³ns EVITA
Epic journey ODYSSEY
Stanley Cup org. NHL
Rowboat implement OAR
Illuminated LIT
Physicians, for short DRS
Brand of blenders OSTER
Game with no winner TIE
Online-access co. ISP
Paid out SPENT
Gratify PLEASE
Allude to HINTAT
Made the first bet OPENED
__ asst. (office aide) ADMIN
Great delight GLEE
Had debts OWED
Brazilian soccer legend PELE
Special interest grp. ASSN
Exam for would-be attys. LSAT
Suffix meaning “somewhat” ISH
Passports and dog tags IDS
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