NetWord Crossword Answers March 12, 2023

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Author: by Mark McClain


Comet appendage TAIL
“__ la vista!” HASTA
Love, in old Rome AMOR
Some titled Brits DAMES
Approximately ORSO
Decide to join OPTIN
Actress Hatcher TERI
Fill with joy ELATE
Color akin to jade KELLYGREEN
Just slightly ATAD
Wind band member FLUTE
Indirect comparisons ANALOGIES
Israeli airline ELAL
Removed rind from PEELED
Orange side dish YAM
Proclaim loudly YELL
Unsuccessful show FLOP
Air chamber LUNG
Some UPS deliveries CODS
Pickup truck option ALLWHEELDRIVE
Most Iranians SHIAS
Frozen Four tourney sponsor NCAA
Partners of ends ODDS
Literary tributes ODES
Partners of pots PANS
Derisive cries HOOTS
Compose, as prose WRITE
Partners of outs INS
“All in the Family” dad ARCHIEBUNKER
NASDAQ listings COS
Slightest trace IOTA
Partner of cheese MACARONI
Word on pennies CENT
Not at all at ease ANTSY
Shrek, for one OGRE
Genetic replica CLONE
Santa __, CA ROSA
Halved INTWO
Have in mind MEAN
Cheese choice AMERICAN
They shine in showrooms CARS
That woman SHE
Salsa scooper TORTILLACHIP
What Wash. is west of IDA
From Cardiff WELSH
Pester ANNOY
All, for starters OMNI
Giza’s river NILE
Natural moisturizer ALOE
Clean up, as copy EDIT
Partner of meet GREET
Device in a prize-grabbing arcade game GRAPPLINGHOOK
Gulf War missile SCUD
The A of A-Rod ALEX
What’s west of Wisc. MINN
Grazing grounds LEAS
Put the collar on NAB
Things to debate ISSUES
Female lobsters HENS
Game you’ll be dyeing to play PAINTBALL
First TV paddle game PONG
Piece of pie at an Italian buffet PIZZASLICE
Barn baby OWLET
Poker starter ANTE
Derisive look SNEER
Stratford, Ontario’s river AVON
They will result in 8 Down KNOTS
Not so much LESS
Big seller in bear markets TEDDY
Moccasin decoration BEAD


Hungarian wine TOKAY
NBA game venue ARENA
Faith of 40 Across ISLAM
Lounge around LOLL
Kept others from sharing HOGGED
March followers APRILS
Heavy metal STEEL
Makes a connection TIES
Novelist Beattie ANN
Never cheaper ATALOW
Figure of speech METAPHOR
Spoken ORAL
Unburden (of) RID
Make a case for DEFEND
Lively tempo ALLEGRO
Handle roughly MAUL
Ending for kitchen ETTE
Plum discard SEED
Varies widely YOYOS
Fitzgerald of jazz ELLA
Lab vessel FLASK
Was the cause of LEDTO
Consistent moneymakers CASHCOWS
“Behave yourself!” ACTNICE
Official decree EDICT
__-proof (easy to operate) IDIOT
Lets off steam VENTS
Position paper ESSAY
Spring site SPA
Antonym of “enhance” HARM
Ancient Peruvian INCA
“Common” word NOUN
Munich mister HERR
Wind band member OBOE
Small chirper WREN
“Othello” antagonist IAGO
Prefix to attract the budget-conscious ECONO
On the same page INACCORD
Ultra-tidy type NEATNIK
Region of 11 time zones ASIA
Roofer’s strip LATH
Work-related move RELO
Paris-area airport ORLY
Carrot cake topper ICING
Ultimate depths NADIR
Musical syllables TRALA
Shade of pink MELON
In pristine condition MINT
Literary lament AHME
Evening hour NINE
Wetlands SWALES
Spiral shape HELIX
Hazardous element RADON
Place for a theater orchestra PIT
Newscast components SEGMENTS
Military decoration EPAULET
Long, long times EONS
Wind bursts GUSTS
What kilts are made with PLEATS
Depends (on) HINGES
Appropriated SEIZED
Small chirper CANARY
Goofed off LAZED
Easily fooled NAIVE
Big maker of beverage cans ALCOA
Composite BLEND
“Don’t worry about me!” IMOK
Planted SOWN
Pilot’s rite of passage SOLO
Make more perfect HONE
Tar source PINE
Spill a secret BLAB
Homie PAL
December setting at USC PST
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