NetWord Crossword Clue Answers September 01, 2018

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Author: by Brad Wilber, edited by Stanley Newman

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Netword Crossword Answers, Saturday, September 01, 2018

Teeth-cleaning aid of a sort
President photographed by Mathew Brady (1845)
Aptly named country singer of ”Like Jesus Does” (2013)
Cap conclusion
Line up?
__ bean
Text suggesting delight
The 41st through 43rd presidents
Unclogging aid
Status symbol in many Elizabeth I portraits
Make extra tight
Top-hatted ad icon since 1917
”Inside the NBA” guy
Admit, with politeness
Midlength CDs
One of the last stops for the 2016 Olympic torch
Many a hybrid
Fifth wheel’s offer
Menu item
Insincere compassion
Blowhard’s declamation
Airport not far from OAK
__ article (something that moves)
Alpha Ursae Minoris
Port designation
”Annie” tune with ”the shimmer of Times Square”
Virgil contemporary
Literary access code
Canterbury Cathedral’s county
Opposite of ”wispy”
For this reason
What many runners try to reach
Supervisor of deck hands
Players in orange-and-black caps
Include discreetly
Offer to help
How some fries are made
Sch. with a ”Think Big” motto
Person preparing produce for shipment
”Star Wars” nickname
It’s north and west of the Pacific
Vase glass
VMI team
Eastern Caribbean dollar user
”. . .when we vow to weep __ . . .”: Shak.
Evincing trepidity
Possible incentive from the HR department
Rock __
Sword lilies
Seems just right
Made just for you in London
Reveal by research
Whom Spielberg made his directing debut with
Venerable rock revival group
Theocratic authorities
Postpone the bedtime of, in a way
Pulled rank on, say
Word from the Latin for ”withdraw”
Sources of spores
Go over
Kelsey’s TV wife
FL billboards display their current wait times
C sharp, in F-sharp major
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