New York Times Crossword Answers April 05, 2021

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Author: Zhouqin Burnikel
Editor: Will Shortz


Animal that barks DOG
Bourbon barrel material OAK
Tribal leader CHIEF
Blunder ERR
___ colada PINA
List for a meeting AGENDA
*Certain psychedelic experience ACIDTRIP
Nintendo game featuring balance exercises WIIFIT
___ of the game NAME
Early auto engine's power source STEAM
Construction area, e.g. SITE
Performs like Iggy Azalea RAPS
Social stratum CASTE
Provoke INCITE
Nevada city on the Truckee River RENO
PC monitor type, in brief LCD
*Hairstyle popularized by Lucille Ball POODLECUT
Hip-hop producer who founded Aftermath Entertainment DRDRE
For two, in music ADUE
Jeans material DENIM
At the drop of ___ (instantly) AHAT
Drops in the mail SENDS
*Cheap neighborhood bar LOCALDIVE
Bygone Mach 1 breaker, for short SST
Major water line MAIN
Hang around idly LOITER
"Wanna join us?" YOUIN
Fairy tale bear with a hard bed PAPA
Delivery room instruction PUSH
Put on hold DEFER
Religious sisters NUNS
Real lowlife SLEAZE
"So there!" … or what you can do to the ends of the answers to the starred clues? TAKETHAT
Looks without blinking STARES
Ship personnel CREW
Number of Q tiles in Scrabble ONE
Item that may be baked or mashed, informally TATER
Caustic solution LYE
Ingredient in a Denver omelet HAM


College faculty head DEAN
Whale that preys on octopuses ORCA
Worrisome, as news GRIM
Make a pick OPT
Cockpit reading AIRSPEED
Makes a scarf, say KNITS
FX in much sci-fi and fantasy CGI
Bank holdup HEIST
*Bunt single, e.g. INFIELDHIT
Heading in a word processing menu EDIT
Destiny FATE
Gibbon or gorilla APE
"Geez, that sucks!" AWMAN
Expressed contempt for DERIDED
Like vinegar ACETIC
Falcons, on scoreboards ATL
Roll for a greenskeeper SOD
"No bid from me" IPASS
Connection points NODES
*Home of many a courthouse COUNTYSEAT
Talk too long RUNON
Yearn for CRAVE
Scare off DETER
Pop singer Dion CELINE
Visibly elated RADIANT
Home of the George W. Bush Institute, in brief SMU
Hack (off) LOP
Capitol Hill staffers AIDES
Busiest airport in the Midwest OHARE
Oyster's creation PEARL
"Hey, over here!" PSST
___ Beauty (Sephora competitor) ULTA
Org. that monitors consumer scams FTC
"Here comes trouble …" UHOH
Mama's mama NANA
Part of a cherry you don't eat STEM
Gen ___ (millennial's follower) ZER
Ovine mother EWE
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